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package model

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/gateway/controller/openresty/model"


Package Files

common.go http.go nginx.go server.go stream.go types.go upstream.go

type AccessLog Uses

type AccessLog struct {
    Name string
    Path string

AccessLog -

type Backend Uses

type Backend struct {
    // Name represents an unique apiv1.Service name formatted as <namespace>-<name>-<port>
    Name string `json:"name"`

    Endpoints []Endpoint `json:"endpoints,omitempty"`
    // StickySessionAffinitySession contains the StickyConfig object with stickyness configuration
    SessionAffinity SessionAffinityConfig `json:"sessionAffinityConfig"`
    // Consistent hashing by NGINX variable
    UpstreamHashBy string `json:"upstream-hash-by,omitempty"`
    // LB algorithm configuration per ingress
    LoadBalancing string `json:"load-balance,omitempty"`

Backend describes one or more remote server/s (endpoints) associated with a service

func CreateBackendByPool Uses

func CreateBackendByPool(pool *v1.Pool) *Backend

CreateBackendByPool create backend by pool

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Backends []*Backend `json:"backends"`

Config update config

type CookieSessionAffinity Uses

type CookieSessionAffinity struct {
    Name      string              `json:"name"`
    Hash      string              `json:"hash"`
    Expires   string              `json:"expires,omitempty"`
    MaxAge    string              `json:"maxage,omitempty"`
    Locations map[string][]string `json:"locations,omitempty"`
    Path      string              `json:"path,omitempty"`

CookieSessionAffinity defines the structure used in Affinity configured by Cookies. +k8s:deepcopy-gen=true

type Endpoint Uses

type Endpoint struct {
    // Address IP address of the endpoint
    Address string `json:"address"`
    // Port number of the TCP port
    Port string `json:"port"`
    // Weight weight of the endpoint
    Weight int `json:"weight"`
    // Target returns a reference to the object providing the endpoint
    Target *apiv1.ObjectReference `json:"target,omitempty"`

Endpoint describes a kubernetes endpoint in a backend +k8s:deepcopy-gen=true

type EventLog Uses

type EventLog struct {
    Path  string
    Level string

EventLog -

type Events Uses

type Events struct {
    WorkerConnections int
    EnableEpoll       bool
    EnableMultiAccept bool

Events nginx events config model

type FastCGIParam Uses

type FastCGIParam struct {
    Param string
    Value string

FastCGIParam sets a parameter that should be passed to the FastCGI server.

type HTTP Uses

type HTTP struct {
    DefaultType      string
    SendFile         bool
    KeepaliveTimeout Time

    ClientMaxBodySize    Size
    ClientBodyBufferSize Size
    ProxyConnectTimeout  Time
    ProxySendTimeout     Time
    ProxyReadTimeout     Time
    ProxyBufferSize      Size
    ProxyBuffers         Size
    ProxyBusyBuffersSize Size
    StatusPort           int
    UpstreamsDict        Size
    HTTPListen           int
    HTTPSListen          int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

HTTP contains data for nginx http configuration

func NewHTTP Uses

func NewHTTP(conf *option.Config) *HTTP

NewHTTP creates a new model.HTTP

type Hash Uses

type Hash struct {
    Key           bool // The key can contain text, variables, and their combinations.
    UseConsistent bool // If the consistent parameter is specified the ketama consistent hashing method will be used instead.

Specifies a load balancing method for a server group where the client-server mapping is based on the hashed key value

type Location Uses

type Location struct {
    Path    string
    Rewrite rewrite.Config
    Return  Return
    // Sets the protocol and address of a proxied server and an optional URI to which a location should be mapped
    ProxyPass string
    // Sets the text that should be changed in the “Location” and “Refresh” header fields of a proxied server response
    // TODO: mv ProxyRedirect to Proxy
    ProxyRedirect string

    EnableMetrics    bool //Enables or disables monitor
    DisableAccessLog bool //disable or enables access log
    AccessLogPath    string
    ErrorLogPath     string
    DisableProxyPass bool
    //PathRewrite if true, path will not passed to the upstream
    PathRewrite   bool
    NameCondition map[string]*v1.Condition

    // Proxy contains information about timeouts and buffer sizes
    // to be used in connections against endpoints
    // +optional
    Proxy proxy.Config `json:"proxy,omitempty"`

Location sets configuration depending on a request URI.

type LogFormat Uses

type LogFormat struct {
    Name   string
    Format string

LogFormat -

type Nginx Uses

type Nginx struct {
    WorkerProcesses    int
    WorkerRlimitNofile int
    ErrorLog           string
    User               string
    EventLog           EventLog
    Events             Events
    HTTP               *HTTP

Nginx nginx config model

func NewNginx Uses

func NewNginx(conf option.Config) *Nginx

NewNginx new nginx config

type Params Uses

type Params struct {
    Weight      int    // Default 1. Sets the weight of the server.
    MaxConns    int    // Default value is zero, meaning there is no limit. Limits the maximum number of simultaneous active connections to the proxied server.
    MaxFails    int    // Sets the number of unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the server.
    FailTimeout string // default 10s. The period of time the server will be considered unavailable.
    UseBackup   bool   // Marks the server as a backup server.
    UseDown     bool   // Marks the server as permanently unavailable.
    UseResolve  bool   // Monitors changes of the IP addresses that correspond to a domain name of the server, and automatically modifies the upstream configuration without the need of restarting nginx.
    Route       string // Sets the server route name.
    Service     string // Enables resolving of DNS SRV records and sets the service name
    SlowStart   Time   // Sets the time during which the server will recover its weight from zero to a nominal value, when unhealthy server becomes healthy, or when the server becomes available after a period of time it was considered unavailable.
    UseDrain    bool   // Puts the server into the “draining” mode

parameters of a server in upstream

type ProxySetHeader Uses

type ProxySetHeader struct {
    Field string
    Value string

ProxySetHeader allows redefining or appending fields to the request header passed to the proxied server.

type Queue Uses

type Queue struct {
    Num     int  // The maximum number of requests
    Timeout Time // Default 60s. The time a request can be kept in the queue.

If an upstream server cannot be selected immediately while processing a request, the request will be placed into the queue

type Random Uses

type Random struct {
    UseRandom bool
    UseTwo    bool   // The optional two parameter instructs nginx to randomly select two servers and then choose a server using the specified method.
    Method    string // The default method is least_conn.

type Return Uses

type Return struct {
    Code int
    Text string
    URL  string

Return stops processing and returns the specified code to a client.

type Rewrite Uses

type Rewrite struct {
    Regex       string
    Replacement string
    Flag        string

Rewrite matching request URI to replacement.

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    Listen                  string // DefaultType: listen *:80 | *:8000; Sets the address and port for IP, or the path for a UNIX-domain socket on which the server will accept requests
    Root                    string // Sets the root directory for requests.
    ServerName              string // Sets names of a virtual server
    KeepaliveTimeout        Time   // DefaultType 60s. Sets a timeout during which an idle keepalive connection to an upstream server will stay open.
    DefaultType             string // Defines the default MIME type of a response.
    Charset                 string // Adds the specified charset to the “Content-Type” response header field.
    ServerTokens            bool   // Enables or disables emitting nginx version on error pages and in the “Server” response header field.
    ClientMaxBodySize       Size   // Sets the maximum allowed size of the client request body
    ChunkedTransferEncoding bool   // Allows disabling chunked transfer encoding in HTTP/1.1
    ProxyConnectTimeout     Time
    ProxyTimeout            Time
    ProxyPass               string
    SSLCertificate          string // Specifies a file with the certificate in the PEM format.
    SSLCertificateKey       string // Specifies a file with the secret key in the PEM format.
    ForceSSLRedirect        bool
    Return                  Return
    Rewrites                []Rewrite
    Locations               []*Location
    OptionValue             map[string]string

Server sets configuration for a virtual server...

type SessionAffinityConfig Uses

type SessionAffinityConfig struct {
    AffinityType          string                `json:"name"`
    CookieSessionAffinity CookieSessionAffinity `json:"cookieSessionAffinity"`

SessionAffinityConfig describes different affinity configurations for new sessions. Once a session is mapped to a backend based on some affinity setting, it retains that mapping till the backend goes down, or the ingress controller restarts. Exactly one of these values will be set on the upstream, since multiple affinity values are incompatible. Once set, the backend makes no guarantees about honoring updates.

type Size Uses

type Size struct {
    Num  int
    Unit string

Size -

type Stream Uses

type Stream struct {
    Includes []string

Stream -

func NewStream Uses

func NewStream() *Stream

NewStream creates a new stream.

type Time Uses

type Time struct {
    Num  int
    Unit string

Time -

type UServer Uses

type UServer struct {
    Address string
    Params  Params

Defines the address and other parameters of a server in upstream

type Upstream Uses

type Upstream struct {
    Name              string
    UseIpHash         bool // The method ensures that requests from the same client will always be passed to the same server except when this server is unavailable.
    Zone              Zone
    State             string // Specifies a file that keeps the state of the dynamically configurable group.
    Hash              Hash
    Keepalive         int   // Sets the maximum number of idle keepalive connections to upstream servers that are preserved in the cache of each worker process
    KeepaliveRequests int   // Default 100. Sets the maximum number of requests that can be served through one keepalive connection.
    KeepaliveTimeout  Time  // Default 60s. Sets a timeout during which an idle keepalive connection to an upstream server will stay open.
    UseNtlm           bool  // Allows proxying requests with NTLM Authentication.
    UseLeastConn      bool  // Pass the request to the sever with the least numbers of connections.
    Queue             Queue // TODO [emerg] unknown directive "queue"
    Random            Random
    Servers           []UServer

Defines a group of servers

type Zone Uses

type Zone struct {
    Name string
    Size Size

Defines the name and size of the shared memory zone that keeps the group’s configuration and run-time state that are shared between worker processes

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