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package k8s

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/util/k8s"


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func DefListEventsByPod Uses

func DefListEventsByPod(clientset kubernetes.Interface, pod *corev1.Pod) *corev1.EventList

DefListEventsByPod default implementatoin of ListEventsByPod

func ExtractLabels Uses

func ExtractLabels(labels map[string]string) (string, string, string, string)

ExtractLabels extracts the service information from the labels

func InClusterConfig Uses

func InClusterConfig() (*rest.Config, error)

InClusterConfig in cluster config

func NewClientset Uses

func NewClientset(kubecfg string) (kubernetes.Interface, error)

NewClientset -

func NewClientsetOrDie Uses

func NewClientsetOrDie(kubecfg string) kubernetes.Interface

NewClientsetOrDie new clientset or die used for who just wants a kubernetes clientset

func NewRainbondFilteredSharedInformerFactory Uses

func NewRainbondFilteredSharedInformerFactory(clientset kubernetes.Interface) informers.SharedInformerFactory

NewRainbondFilteredSharedInformerFactory -

func NewRestClient Uses

func NewRestClient(restConfig *rest.Config) (*rest.RESTClient, error)

NewRestClient new rest client

func NewRestConfig Uses

func NewRestConfig(kubecfg string) (restConfig *rest.Config, err error)

NewRestConfig new rest config

type ListEventsByPod Uses

type ListEventsByPod func(kubernetes.Interface, *corev1.Pod) *corev1.EventList

ListEventsByPod -

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