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package license

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/util/license"


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func GenLicKey Uses

func GenLicKey(licSoPath string) (string, error)

GenLicKey -

func VerifyNodes Uses

func VerifyNodes(licPath, licSoPath string, nodeNums int) bool

VerifyNodes verifies the number of the nodes in the license.

func VerifyTime Uses

func VerifyTime(licPath, licSoPath string) bool

VerifyTime verifies the time in the license.

type LicInfo Uses

type LicInfo struct {
    LicKey     string   `json:"license_key"`
    Code       string   `json:"code"`
    Company    string   `json:"company"`
    Node       int64    `json:"node"`
    CPU        int64    `json:"cpu"`
    Memory     int64    `json:"memory"`
    Tenant     int64    `json:"tenant"`
    EndTime    string   `json:"end_time"`
    StartTime  string   `json:"start_time"`
    DataCenter int64    `json:"data_center"`
    ModuleList []string `json:"module_list"`

LicInfo license information

func GetLicInfo Uses

func GetLicInfo(licPath, licSoPath string) (*LicInfo, error)

GetLicInfo -

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