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package client

import ""

This is an implementation of a cAdvisor REST API in Go. To use it, create a client (replace the URL with your actual cAdvisor REST endpoint):

client, err := client.NewClient("")

Then, the client interface exposes go methods corresponding to the REST endpoints.


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type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client represents the base URL for a cAdvisor client.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(url string) (*Client, error)

NewClient returns a new v1.3 client with the specified base URL.

func (*Client) AllDockerContainers Uses

func (c *Client) AllDockerContainers(query *v1.ContainerInfoRequest) (cinfo []v1.ContainerInfo, err error)

Returns the JSON container information for all Docker containers.

func (*Client) ContainerInfo Uses

func (c *Client) ContainerInfo(name string, query *v1.ContainerInfoRequest) (cinfo *v1.ContainerInfo, err error)

ContainerInfo returns the JSON container information for the specified container and request.

func (*Client) DockerContainer Uses

func (c *Client) DockerContainer(name string, query *v1.ContainerInfoRequest) (cinfo v1.ContainerInfo, err error)

Returns the JSON container information for the specified Docker container and request.

func (*Client) EventStaticInfo Uses

func (c *Client) EventStaticInfo(name string) (einfo []*v1.Event, err error)

Returns all past events that satisfy the request

func (*Client) EventStreamingInfo Uses

func (c *Client) EventStreamingInfo(name string, einfo chan *v1.Event) (err error)

Streams all events that occur that satisfy the request into the channel that is passed

func (*Client) MachineInfo Uses

func (c *Client) MachineInfo() (minfo *v1.MachineInfo, err error)

MachineInfo returns the JSON machine information for this client. A non-nil error result indicates a problem with obtaining the JSON machine information data.

func (*Client) SubcontainersInfo Uses

func (c *Client) SubcontainersInfo(name string, query *v1.ContainerInfoRequest) ([]v1.ContainerInfo, error)

Returns the information about all subcontainers (recursive) of the specified container (including itself).


v2Client library to programmatically access cAdvisor API.

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