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package libcontainer

import ""


Package Files

handler.go helpers.go

func DiskStatsCopy Uses

func DiskStatsCopy(blkioStats []cgroups.BlkioStatEntry) (stat []info.PerDiskStats)

func DiskStatsCopy0 Uses

func DiskStatsCopy0(major, minor uint64) *info.PerDiskStats

func DiskStatsCopy1 Uses

func DiskStatsCopy1(diskStat map[DiskKey]*info.PerDiskStats) []info.PerDiskStats

func NewCgroupManager Uses

func NewCgroupManager(name string, paths map[string]string) (cgroups.Manager, error)

type CgroupSubsystems Uses

type CgroupSubsystems struct {
    // Cgroup subsystem mounts.
    // e.g.: "/sys/fs/cgroup/cpu" -> ["cpu", "cpuacct"]
    Mounts []cgroups.Mount

    // Cgroup subsystem to their mount location.
    // e.g.: "cpu" -> "/sys/fs/cgroup/cpu"
    MountPoints map[string]string

func GetAllCgroupSubsystems Uses

func GetAllCgroupSubsystems() (CgroupSubsystems, error)

Get information about all the cgroup subsystems.

func GetCgroupSubsystems Uses

func GetCgroupSubsystems(includedMetrics container.MetricSet) (CgroupSubsystems, error)

Get information about the cgroup subsystems those we want

type DiskKey Uses

type DiskKey struct {
    Major uint64
    Minor uint64

type Handler Uses

type Handler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHandler Uses

func NewHandler(cgroupManager cgroups.Manager, rootFs string, pid int, includedMetrics container.MetricSet) *Handler

func (*Handler) GetProcesses Uses

func (h *Handler) GetProcesses() ([]int, error)

func (*Handler) GetStats Uses

func (h *Handler) GetStats() (*info.ContainerStats, error)

Get cgroup and networking stats of the specified container

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