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package fs

import ""

Provides Filesystem Stats


Package Files

fs.go types.go


const (
    LabelSystemRoot          = "root"
    LabelDockerImages        = "docker-images"
    LabelCrioImages          = "crio-images"
    DriverStatusPoolName     = "Pool Name"
    DriverStatusDataLoopFile = "Data loop file"


var ErrNoSuchDevice = errors.New("cadvisor: no such device")

ErrNoSuchDevice is the error indicating the requested device does not exist.

type Context Uses

type Context struct {
    // docker root directory.
    Docker DockerContext
    Crio   CrioContext

type CrioContext Uses

type CrioContext struct {
    Root string

type DeviceInfo Uses

type DeviceInfo struct {
    Device string
    Major  uint
    Minor  uint

type DiskStats Uses

type DiskStats struct {
    MajorNum        uint64
    MinorNum        uint64
    ReadsCompleted  uint64
    ReadsMerged     uint64
    SectorsRead     uint64
    ReadTime        uint64
    WritesCompleted uint64
    WritesMerged    uint64
    SectorsWritten  uint64
    WriteTime       uint64
    IoInProgress    uint64
    IoTime          uint64
    WeightedIoTime  uint64

type DockerContext Uses

type DockerContext struct {
    Root         string
    Driver       string
    DriverStatus map[string]string

type Fs Uses

type Fs struct {
    Type       FsType
    Capacity   uint64
    Free       uint64
    Available  uint64
    Inodes     *uint64
    InodesFree *uint64
    DiskStats  DiskStats

type FsInfo Uses

type FsInfo interface {
    // Returns capacity and free space, in bytes, of all the ext2, ext3, ext4 filesystems on the host.
    GetGlobalFsInfo() ([]Fs, error)

    // Returns capacity and free space, in bytes, of the set of mounts passed.
    GetFsInfoForPath(mountSet map[string]struct{}) ([]Fs, error)

    // GetDirUsage returns a usage information for 'dir'.
    GetDirUsage(dir string) (UsageInfo, error)

    // GetDeviceInfoByFsUUID returns the information of the device with the
    // specified filesystem uuid. If no such device exists, this function will
    // return the ErrNoSuchDevice error.
    GetDeviceInfoByFsUUID(uuid string) (*DeviceInfo, error)

    // Returns the block device info of the filesystem on which 'dir' resides.
    GetDirFsDevice(dir string) (*DeviceInfo, error)

    // Returns the device name associated with a particular label.
    GetDeviceForLabel(label string) (string, error)

    // Returns all labels associated with a particular device name.
    GetLabelsForDevice(device string) ([]string, error)

    // Returns the mountpoint associated with a particular device.
    GetMountpointForDevice(device string) (string, error)

func NewFsInfo Uses

func NewFsInfo(context Context) (FsInfo, error)

type FsType Uses

type FsType string
const (
    ZFS          FsType = "zfs"
    DeviceMapper FsType = "devicemapper"
    VFS          FsType = "vfs"

func (FsType) String Uses

func (ft FsType) String() string

type RealFsInfo Uses

type RealFsInfo struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*RealFsInfo) GetDeviceForLabel Uses

func (i *RealFsInfo) GetDeviceForLabel(label string) (string, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetDeviceInfoByFsUUID Uses

func (i *RealFsInfo) GetDeviceInfoByFsUUID(uuid string) (*DeviceInfo, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetDirFsDevice Uses

func (i *RealFsInfo) GetDirFsDevice(dir string) (*DeviceInfo, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetDirUsage Uses

func (i *RealFsInfo) GetDirUsage(dir string) (UsageInfo, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetFsInfoForPath Uses

func (i *RealFsInfo) GetFsInfoForPath(mountSet map[string]struct{}) ([]Fs, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetGlobalFsInfo Uses

func (i *RealFsInfo) GetGlobalFsInfo() ([]Fs, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetLabelsForDevice Uses

func (i *RealFsInfo) GetLabelsForDevice(device string) ([]string, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetMountpointForDevice Uses

func (i *RealFsInfo) GetMountpointForDevice(dev string) (string, error)

type UsageInfo Uses

type UsageInfo struct {
    Bytes  uint64
    Inodes uint64

func GetDirUsage Uses

func GetDirUsage(dir string) (UsageInfo, error)

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