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package machine

import ""

The machine package contains functions that extract machine-level specs.


Package Files

info.go machine.go operatingsystem_unix.go

func ContainerOsVersion Uses

func ContainerOsVersion() string

func GetClockSpeed Uses

func GetClockSpeed(procInfo []byte) (uint64, error)

GetClockSpeed returns the CPU clock speed, given a []byte formatted as the /proc/cpuinfo file.

func GetMachineMemoryByType Uses

func GetMachineMemoryByType(edacPath string) (map[string]*info.MemoryInfo, error)

GetMachineMemoryByType returns information about memory capacity and number of DIMMs. Information is retrieved from sysfs edac per-DIMM API (/sys/devices/system/edac/mc/) introduced in kernel 3.6. Documentation can be found at Full list of memory types can be found in edac_mc.c (

func GetMachineMemoryCapacity Uses

func GetMachineMemoryCapacity() (uint64, error)

GetMachineMemoryCapacity returns the machine's total memory from /proc/meminfo. Returns the total memory capacity as an uint64 (number of bytes).

func GetMachineSwapCapacity Uses

func GetMachineSwapCapacity() (uint64, error)

GetMachineSwapCapacity returns the machine's total swap from /proc/meminfo. Returns the total swap capacity as an uint64 (number of bytes).

func GetPhysicalCores Uses

func GetPhysicalCores(procInfo []byte) int

GetPhysicalCores returns number of CPU cores reading /proc/cpuinfo file or if needed information from sysfs cpu path

func GetSockets Uses

func GetSockets(procInfo []byte) int

GetSockets returns number of CPU sockets reading /proc/cpuinfo file or if needed information from sysfs cpu path

func GetTopology Uses

func GetTopology(sysFs sysfs.SysFs) ([]info.Node, int, error)

GetTopology returns CPU topology reading information from sysfs

func Info Uses

func Info(sysFs sysfs.SysFs, fsInfo fs.FsInfo, inHostNamespace bool) (*info.MachineInfo, error)

func KernelVersion Uses

func KernelVersion() string

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