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package sysinfo

import ""


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func GetBlockDeviceInfo Uses

func GetBlockDeviceInfo(sysfs sysfs.SysFs) (map[string]info.DiskInfo, error)

Get information about block devices present on the system. Uses the passed in system interface to retrieve the low level OS information.

func GetCacheInfo Uses

func GetCacheInfo(sysFs sysfs.SysFs, id int) ([]sysfs.CacheInfo, error)

GetCacheInfo return information about a cache accessible from the given cpu thread

func GetHugePagesInfo Uses

func GetHugePagesInfo(sysFs sysfs.SysFs, hugepagesDirectory string) ([]info.HugePagesInfo, error)

GetHugePagesInfo returns information about pre-allocated huge pages hugepagesDirectory should be top directory of hugepages Such as: /sys/kernel/mm/hugepages/

func GetNetworkDevices Uses

func GetNetworkDevices(sysfs sysfs.SysFs) ([]info.NetInfo, error)

Get information about network devices present on the system.

func GetNodesInfo Uses

func GetNodesInfo(sysFs sysfs.SysFs) ([]info.Node, int, error)

GetNodesInfo returns information about NUMA nodes and their topology

func GetSocketFromCPU Uses

func GetSocketFromCPU(topology []info.Node, cpu int) int

GetSocketFromCPU returns Socket ID of passed CPU. If is not present, returns -1.

func GetSystemUUID Uses

func GetSystemUUID(sysFs sysfs.SysFs) (string, error)

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