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package http

import ""

Package http implements HTTP probe type.


Package Files

http.go request.go


var DefaultTargetsUpdateInterval = 1 * time.Minute

DefaultTargetsUpdateInterval defines default frequency for target updates. Actual targets update interval is: max(DefaultTargetsUpdateInterval, probe_interval)

type Probe Uses

type Probe struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Probe holds aggregate information about all probe runs, per-target.

func (*Probe) Init Uses

func (p *Probe) Init(name string, opts *options.Options) error

Init initializes the probe with the given params.

func (*Probe) Start Uses

func (p *Probe) Start(ctx context.Context, dataChan chan *metrics.EventMetrics)

Start starts and runs the probe indefinitely.


cmdThis program implements a stand-alone http prober binary using the cloudprober/http package.

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