exposure-notifications-server: github.com/google/exposure-notifications-server


internal/adminPackage admin provides a small admin UI.
internal/admin/authorizedappsPackage authorizedapps is part of the admin system.
internal/admin/exportsPackage exports is part of the admin system.
internal/admin/healthauthorityPackage healthauthority is part of the admin system.
internal/admin/indexPackage index contains admin console indexHandler for the main landing page.
internal/admin/siginfoPackage siginfo is part of the admin system.
internal/authorizedapp/databasePackage database is a database interface to authorized apps.
internal/authorizedapp/modelPackage model is a model abstraction of authorized apps.
internal/azurekeyvaultPackage azurekeyvault provides shared functionality between the signing and secret clients for KeyVault
internal/cleanupPackage cleanup implements the API handlers for running data deletion jobs.
internal/databasePackage database is a facade over the data storage layer.
internal/debuggerPackage debugger is a server-side debugger component that displays debug information about the system.
internal/exportPackage export defines the handlers for managing exposure key exporting.
internal/export/databasePackage database is a database interface to export.
internal/export/modelPackage model is a model abstraction of exports.
internal/federationinPackage federationin handles pulling data from other federation servers.
internal/federationin/databasePackage database is a database interface to federation in.
internal/federationoutPackage federationout handles requests from other federation servers for data.
internal/federationout/databasePackage database is a database interface to federation out.
internal/generatePackage generate contains HTTP handler for triggering data generation into the databae.
internal/handlersPackage handlers provide common utilities for wrapping HTTP handlers.
internal/jsonutilPackage jsonutil provides common utilities for properly handling JSON payloads in HTTP body.
internal/loggingPackage logging sets up and configures logging.
internal/metricsPackage metrics contains utilities for exporting metrics.
internal/observabilityPackage observability sets up and configures observability tools.
internal/publishPackage publish defines the exposure keys publishing API.
internal/publish/databasePackage database is a database interface to publish.
internal/publish/modelPackage model is a model abstraction of publish.
internal/serverPackage server provides an opinionated http server.
internal/serverenvPackage serverenv defines common parameters for the sever environment.
internal/storagePackage storage is an interface over Google Cloud Storage.
internal/utilPackage util is a CLI tool for generating test exposure key data.
internal/verificationPackage verification provides the ability to verify the diagnosis certificates (JWTs) coming from public health authorities that are responsible for verifying diagnosis pin codes and ceritfying the TEKs.
internal/verification/databasePackage database is a database interface to health authorities.
pkg/api/v1alpha1Package v1alpha1 contains API definitions that can be used outside of this codebase in their alpha form.
pkg/base64utilPackage base64util extracts base64 encoding/decoding logic into a single API that is tolerant of various paddings.
pkg/cachePackage cache implements an inmemory cache for any interface{} object.
pkg/keysPackage keys defines the interface to and implementation of key management operations.
pkg/secretsPackage secrets defines a minimum abstract interface for a secret manager.
pkg/verificationPackage verification provides verification utilities.
testing/enclientPackage enclient is a client for making requests against the exposure notification server.

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