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package repro

import ""


Package Files


func Run Uses

func Run(crashLog []byte, cfg *mgrconfig.Config, reporter report.Reporter, vmPool *vm.Pool,
    vmIndexes []int) (*Result, *Stats, error)

type Result Uses

type Result struct {
    Prog     *prog.Prog
    Duration time.Duration
    Opts     csource.Options
    CRepro   bool
    // Information about the final (non-symbolized) crash that we reproduced.
    // Can be different from what we started reproducing.
    Report *report.Report

type Simplify Uses

type Simplify func(opts *csource.Options) bool

type Stats Uses

type Stats struct {
    Log              []byte
    ExtractProgTime  time.Duration
    MinimizeProgTime time.Duration
    SimplifyProgTime time.Duration
    ExtractCTime     time.Duration
    SimplifyCTime    time.Duration

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