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package vcs

import ""

Package vcs provides helper functions for working with various repositories (e.g. git).


Package Files

akaros.go freebsd.go fuchsia.go git.go git_test_util.go linux.go netbsd.go openbsd.go testos.go vcs.go


const SyzkallerRepo = ""

func CanonicalizeCommit Uses

func CanonicalizeCommit(title string) string

CanonicalizeCommit returns commit title that can be used when checking if a particular commit is present in a git tree. Some trees add prefixes to commit titles during backporting, so we want e.g. commit "foo bar" match "BACKPORT: foo bar".

func CheckBranch Uses

func CheckBranch(branch string) bool

CheckBranch does a best-effort approximate check of a git branch name.

func CheckCommitHash Uses

func CheckCommitHash(hash string) bool

func CheckRepoAddress Uses

func CheckRepoAddress(repo string) bool

CheckRepoAddress does a best-effort approximate check of a git repo address.

func CommitLink(url, hash string) string
func LogLink(url, hash string) string

func Patch Uses

func Patch(dir string, patch []byte) error
func TreeLink(url, hash string) string

type BisectEnv Uses

type BisectEnv struct {
    Compiler     string
    KernelConfig []byte

type BisectResult Uses

type BisectResult int
const (
    BisectBad BisectResult = iota

type Bisecter Uses

type Bisecter interface {
    // Bisect bisects good..bad commit range against the provided predicate (wrapper around git bisect).
    // The predicate should return an error only if there is no way to proceed
    // (it will abort the process), if possible it should prefer to return BisectSkip.
    // Progress of the process is streamed to the provided trace.
    // Returns the first commit on which the predicate returns BisectBad,
    // or multiple commits if bisection is inconclusive due to BisectSkip.
    Bisect(bad, good string, trace io.Writer, pred func() (BisectResult, error)) ([]*Commit, error)

    // PreviousReleaseTags returns list of preceding release tags that are reachable from the given commit.
    PreviousReleaseTags(commit string) ([]string, error)

    IsRelease(commit string) (bool, error)

    EnvForCommit(binDir, commit string, kernelConfig []byte) (*BisectEnv, error)

Bisecter may be optionally implemented by Repo.

type Commit Uses

type Commit struct {
    Hash       string
    Title      string
    Author     string
    AuthorName string
    Recipients Recipients
    Tags       []string
    Parents    []string
    Date       time.Time

type ConfigMinimizer Uses

type ConfigMinimizer interface {
    Minimize(original, baseline []byte, trace io.Writer, pred func(test []byte) (BisectResult, error)) ([]byte, error)

type RecipientInfo Uses

type RecipientInfo struct {
    Address mail.Address
    Type    RecipientType

type RecipientType Uses

type RecipientType int
const (
    To  RecipientType = iota

func (RecipientType) String Uses

func (t RecipientType) String() string

type Recipients Uses

type Recipients []RecipientInfo

func NewRecipients Uses

func NewRecipients(emails []string, t RecipientType) Recipients

func ParseMaintainersLinux Uses

func ParseMaintainersLinux(text []byte) Recipients

func (Recipients) GetEmails Uses

func (r Recipients) GetEmails(filter RecipientType) []string

func (Recipients) Len Uses

func (r Recipients) Len() int

func (Recipients) Less Uses

func (r Recipients) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Recipients) Swap Uses

func (r Recipients) Swap(i, j int)

func (Recipients) ToDash Uses

func (r Recipients) ToDash() dashapi.Recipients

type Repo Uses

type Repo interface {
    // Poll checkouts the specified repository/branch.
    // This involves fetching/resetting/cloning as necessary to recover from all possible problems.
    // Returns hash of the HEAD commit in the specified branch.
    Poll(repo, branch string) (*Commit, error)

    // CheckoutBranch checkouts the specified repository/branch.
    CheckoutBranch(repo, branch string) (*Commit, error)

    // CheckoutCommit checkouts the specified repository on the specified commit.
    CheckoutCommit(repo, commit string) (*Commit, error)

    // SwitchCommit checkouts the specified commit without fetching.
    SwitchCommit(commit string) (*Commit, error)

    // HeadCommit returns info about the HEAD commit of the current branch of git repository.
    HeadCommit() (*Commit, error)

    // GetCommitByTitle finds commit info by the title.
    // Remote is not fetched, the commit needs to be reachable from the current repo state
    // (e.g. do CheckoutBranch before). If the commit is not found, nil is returned.
    GetCommitByTitle(title string) (*Commit, error)

    // GetCommitsByTitles is a batch version of GetCommitByTitle.
    // Returns list of commits and titles of commits that are not found.
    GetCommitsByTitles(titles []string) ([]*Commit, []string, error)

    // ListRecentCommits returns list of recent commit titles starting from baseCommit.
    ListRecentCommits(baseCommit string) ([]string, error)

    // ExtractFixTagsFromCommits extracts fixing tags for bugs from git log.
    // Given email = "", it searches for tags of the form ""
    // and returns commits with these tags.
    ExtractFixTagsFromCommits(baseCommit, email string) ([]*Commit, error)

func NewRepo Uses

func NewRepo(os, vm, dir string) (Repo, error)

func NewSyzkallerRepo Uses

func NewSyzkallerRepo(dir string) Repo

type TestRepo Uses

type TestRepo struct {
    Dir string

    Commits map[string]map[string]*Commit
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func CloneTestRepo Uses

func CloneTestRepo(t *testing.T, baseDir, name string, originRepo *TestRepo) *TestRepo

func CreateTestRepo Uses

func CreateTestRepo(t *testing.T, baseDir, name string) *TestRepo

func MakeTestRepo Uses

func MakeTestRepo(t *testing.T, dir string) *TestRepo

func (*TestRepo) CommitChange Uses

func (repo *TestRepo) CommitChange(description string) *Commit

func (*TestRepo) CommitFileChange Uses

func (repo *TestRepo) CommitFileChange(branch, change string)

func (*TestRepo) Git Uses

func (repo *TestRepo) Git(args ...string)

func (*TestRepo) SetTag Uses

func (repo *TestRepo) SetTag(tag string)

func (*TestRepo) SupportsBisection Uses

func (repo *TestRepo) SupportsBisection() bool

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