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go:generate go install github.com/golangci/golangci-lint/cmd/golangci-lint go:generate go install github.com/client9/misspell/cmd/misspell

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internal/artifactPackage artifact provides the core artifact storage for goreleaser.
internal/builders/golangPackage golang provides a Builder implementation for golang.
internal/clientPackage client contains the client implementations for several providers.
internal/deprecatePackage deprecate provides simple functions to standardize the output of deprecation notices on goreleaser
internal/gitPackage git provides an integration with the git command
internal/httpPackage http implements functionality common to HTTP uploading pipelines.
internal/idsPackage ids provides id validation code used my multiple pipes.
internal/linuxPackage linux contains functions that are useful to generate linux packages.
internal/middlewarePackage middleware define middlewares for Actions.
internal/pipePackage pipe provides generic erros for pipes to use.
internal/pipe/archivePackage archive implements the pipe interface with the intent of archiving and compressing the binaries, readme, and other artifacts.
internal/pipe/artifactoryPackage artifactory provides a Pipe that push to artifactory
internal/pipe/blobPackage blob provides a Pipe that push artifacts to blob supported by Go CDK
internal/pipe/brewPackage brew implements the Pipe, providing formula generation and uploading it to a configured repo.
internal/pipe/buildPackage build provides a pipe that can build binaries for several languages.
internal/pipe/changelogPackage changelog provides the release changelog to goreleaser.
internal/pipe/checksumsPackage checksums provides a Pipe that creates .checksums files for each artifact.
internal/pipe/defaultsPackage defaults implements the Pipe interface providing default values for missing configuration.
internal/pipe/distPackage dist provides checks to make sure the dist folder is always empty.
internal/pipe/dockerPackage docker provides a Pipe that creates and pushes a Docker image
internal/pipe/envPackage env implements the Pipe interface providing validation of missing environment variables needed by the release process.
internal/pipe/gitPackage git implements the Pipe interface getting and validating the current git repository state
internal/pipelinePackage pipeline provides generic erros for pipes to use.
internal/pipe/nfpmPackage nfpm implements the Pipe interface providing NFPM bindings.
internal/pipe/projectPackage project sets "high level" defaults related to the project.
internal/pipe/publishPackage publish contains the publishing pipe.
internal/pipe/releasePackage release implements Pipe and manages github releases and its artifacts.
internal/pipe/scoopPackage scoop provides a Pipe that generates a scoop.sh App Manifest and pushes it to a bucket
internal/pipe/snapcraftPackage snapcraft implements the Pipe interface providing Snapcraft bindings.
internal/pipe/snapshotPackage snapshot provides the snapshoting functionality to goreleaser.
internal/pipe/sourcearchivePackage sourcearchive archives the source of the project using git-archive.
internal/pipe/uploadPackage upload provides a Pipe that push using HTTP
internal/semerrgroupPackage semerrgroup wraps a error group with a semaphore with configurable size, so you can control the number of tasks being executed simultaneously.
internal/staticPackage static contains static "text" files, just because embedding real static files would be kind of an overengineering right now, so it's just strings in go code really.
internal/testlibPackage testlib contains test helpers for goreleaser tests.
internal/tmplPackage tmpl provides templating utilities for goreleser
pkg/archivePackage archive provides tar.gz and zip archiving
pkg/archive/gzipPackage gzip implements the Archive interface providing gz archiving and compression.
pkg/archive/targzPackage targz implements the Archive interface providing tar.gz archiving and compression.
pkg/archive/zipPackage zip implements the Archive interface providing zip archiving and compression.
pkg/buildPackage build provides the API for external builders
pkg/configPackage config contains the model and loader of the goreleaser configuration file.
pkg/contextPackage context provides gorelease context which is passed through the pipeline.
pkg/defaultsPackage defaults make the list of Defaulter implementations available so projects extending GoReleaser are able to use it, namely, GoDownloader.

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