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package deps

import ""

Package deps provides vendoring for repositories.


Package Files

hold.go parse.go prune.go stack.go vend.go vendorable.go

func Hold Uses

func Hold(m *manifest.Manifest, verbose bool) int

Hold takes a manifest and downloads all the repos with a hold value of true.

func ParseOptions Uses

func ParseOptions(update, lock, hold, prune, ignore, verbose, tree, results, strict bool) []VendOptions

ParseOptions converts cli flag inputs to VendOptions.

func Prune Uses

func Prune(deptree []string, verbose bool) (dirs, files int, pruned []string)

Prune takes a deptree and verbose option and returns the number of directories and files removed.

func Vend Uses

func Vend(pkgs []string, format string, options ...VendOptions) error

Vend is the main function govend uses to vendor external packages. Vend also invokes the Hold and Prune methods.

func Vendorable Uses

func Vendorable(verbose bool) error

Vendorable ensures the current local setup is conducive to vendoring.

If the current version of Go cannot be parsed, then trust it supports vendoring, but display a message if verbose is true.

type VendOptions Uses

type VendOptions int

VendOptions represents available vend options.

const (
    // UpdateOption updates vendored repositories.
    UpdateOption VendOptions = iota

    // LockOption locks the revision version of vendored repositories.

    // HoldOption holds onto a vendored repository, even if none of its import
    // paths are used in the project source code.

    // PruneOption removes vendored packages that are not needed.

    // IgnoreOption ignores the source import paths.

    // VerboseOption prints out packages as they are vendored.

    // TreeOption prints the names of packages as an indented tree.

    // ResultsOption prints a summary of the number of packages scanned, packages
    // skipped, and repositories downloaded.

    // StrictOption returns non-zero status code when a path and/or revision is invalid.


reposPackage repos provides methods for repositories.
semverPackage semver provides a way to parse and compare semantic versions.
vcsPackage vcs provides methods for VCS.
vcs/internal/singleflightPackage singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.

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