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package filters

import ""

Package filters provides filters for Go package import paths.


Package Files

exceptions.go filters.go match.go stdpkgs.go


var ExceptionList = []string{

ExceptionList is a list of exception packages to skip.

func Duplicates Uses

func Duplicates(pkgs []string) []string

Duplicates filters out any duplicate packages.

func Ellipses Uses

func Ellipses(pkgs []string) []string

Ellipses trims the ellipses suffix off of package import paths.

func Exceptions Uses

func Exceptions(pkgs []string) []string

Exceptions filters out very special exceptional packages.

func Godeps Uses

func Godeps(pkgs []string) []string

Godeps filters out Godeps package import paths.

func Local Uses

func Local(pkgs []string) []string

Local filters out any local packages.

func Match Uses

func Match(path1, path2 string) bool

Match determines if two package paths match.

func Standard Uses

func Standard(pkgs []string) []string

Standard filters out standard packages.

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