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package backgroundtask

import "github.com/gowebapi/webapi/backgroundtask"

Package backgroundtask is to run cooperatively schedule background tasks such that they do not introduce delays to other high priority tasks that share the same event loop, such as input processing, animations and frame compositing.


Package Files

backgroundtask.go doc.go

type IdleDeadline Uses

type IdleDeadline struct {
    // Value_JS holds a reference to a javascript value
    Value_JS js.Value

class: IdleDeadline

func IdleDeadlineFromJS Uses

func IdleDeadlineFromJS(value js.Wrapper) *IdleDeadline

IdleDeadlineFromJS is casting a js.Wrapper into IdleDeadline.

func (*IdleDeadline) DidTimeout Uses

func (_this *IdleDeadline) DidTimeout() bool

DidTimeout returning attribute 'didTimeout' with type bool (idl: boolean).

func (*IdleDeadline) JSValue Uses

func (_this *IdleDeadline) JSValue() js.Value

func (*IdleDeadline) TimeRemaining Uses

func (_this *IdleDeadline) TimeRemaining() (_result float64)

type IdleRequestCallback Uses

type IdleRequestCallback js.Func

IdleRequestCallback is a javascript function type.

Call Release() when done to release resouces allocated to this type.

func IdleRequestCallbackToJS Uses

func IdleRequestCallbackToJS(callback IdleRequestCallbackFunc) *IdleRequestCallback

type IdleRequestCallbackFunc Uses

type IdleRequestCallbackFunc func(deadline *IdleDeadline)

callback: IdleRequestCallback

func IdleRequestCallbackFromJS Uses

func IdleRequestCallbackFromJS(_value js.Value) IdleRequestCallbackFunc

type IdleRequestOptions Uses

type IdleRequestOptions struct {
    Timeout uint

dictionary: IdleRequestOptions

func IdleRequestOptionsFromJS Uses

func IdleRequestOptionsFromJS(value js.Wrapper) *IdleRequestOptions

IdleRequestOptionsFromJS is allocating a new IdleRequestOptions object and copy all values from input javascript object

func (*IdleRequestOptions) JSValue Uses

func (_this *IdleRequestOptions) JSValue() js.Value

JSValue is allocating a new javasript object and copy all values

type Union Uses

type Union struct {
    Value js.Value

func UnionFromJS Uses

func UnionFromJS(value js.Value) *Union

func (*Union) JSValue Uses

func (u *Union) JSValue() js.Value

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