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package jsconv

import "github.com/gowebapi/webapi/core/jsconv"

Package jsconv contains methods to help for syscall/js api


Package Files

doc.go jsconv.go

func Float32ToJs Uses

func Float32ToJs(src []float32) js.Value

Float32ToJs is converting []float32 to a new javascript Float32Array.

func Float64ToJs Uses

func Float64ToJs(src []float64) js.Value

Float64ToJs is converting []float64 to a new javascript Float64Array.

func Int16ToJs Uses

func Int16ToJs(src []int16) js.Value

Int16ToJs is converting []int16 to a new javascript Int16Array.

func Int32ToJs Uses

func Int32ToJs(src []int32) js.Value

Int32ToJs is converting []int32 to a new javascript Int32Array.

func Int8ToJs Uses

func Int8ToJs(src []int8) js.Value

Int8ToJs is converting []int8 to a new javascript Int8Array.

func JsToFloat32 Uses

func JsToFloat32(array js.Value) []float32

JsToFloat32 convert javascript Float32Array to Go float32.

func JsToFloat64 Uses

func JsToFloat64(array js.Value) []float64

JsToFloat64 convert javascript Float64Array to Go float64.

func JsToInt16 Uses

func JsToInt16(array js.Value) []int16

JsToInt16 convert javascript Int16Array to Go int16.

func JsToInt32 Uses

func JsToInt32(array js.Value) []int32

JsToInt32 convert javascript Int32Array to Go int32.

func JsToInt8 Uses

func JsToInt8(array js.Value) []int8

JsToInt8 convert javascript Int8Array to Go int8.

func JsToUInt16 Uses

func JsToUInt16(array js.Value) []uint16

JsToUInt16 convert javascript Uint16Array to Go uint16.

func JsToUInt32 Uses

func JsToUInt32(array js.Value) []uint32

JsToUInt32 convert javascript Uint32Array to Go uint32.

func JsToUInt8 Uses

func JsToUInt8(array js.Value) []uint8

JsToUInt8 convert javascript Uint8Array to Go uint8.

func UInt16ToJs Uses

func UInt16ToJs(src []uint16) js.Value

UInt16ToJs is converting []uint16 to a new javascript Uint16Array.

func UInt32ToJs Uses

func UInt32ToJs(src []uint32) js.Value

UInt32ToJs is converting []uint32 to a new javascript Uint32Array.

func UInt8ToJs Uses

func UInt8ToJs(src []uint8) js.Value

UInt8ToJs is converting []uint8 to a new javascript Uint8Array.

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