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package htmlcommon

import "github.com/gowebapi/webapi/html/htmlcommon"

Package htmlcommon is a common type package

Moving types that is references by multiple standard into this one.


Package Files

doc.go htmlcommon.go

type BeforeUnloadEvent Uses

type BeforeUnloadEvent struct {

class: BeforeUnloadEvent

func BeforeUnloadEventFromJS Uses

func BeforeUnloadEventFromJS(value js.Wrapper) *BeforeUnloadEvent

BeforeUnloadEventFromJS is casting a js.Wrapper into BeforeUnloadEvent.

func (*BeforeUnloadEvent) ReturnValue Uses

func (_this *BeforeUnloadEvent) ReturnValue() string

ReturnValue returning attribute 'returnValue' with type string (idl: DOMString).

func (*BeforeUnloadEvent) SetReturnValue Uses

func (_this *BeforeUnloadEvent) SetReturnValue(value string)

SetReturnValue setting attribute 'returnValue' with type string (idl: DOMString).

type FrameRequestCallback Uses

type FrameRequestCallback js.Func

FrameRequestCallback is a javascript function type.

Call Release() when done to release resouces allocated to this type.

func FrameRequestCallbackToJS Uses

func FrameRequestCallbackToJS(callback FrameRequestCallbackFunc) *FrameRequestCallback

type FrameRequestCallbackFunc Uses

type FrameRequestCallbackFunc func(time float64)

callback: FrameRequestCallback

func FrameRequestCallbackFromJS Uses

func FrameRequestCallbackFromJS(_value js.Value) FrameRequestCallbackFunc

type OnBeforeUnloadEventHandler Uses

type OnBeforeUnloadEventHandler js.Func

OnBeforeUnloadEventHandler is a javascript function type.

Call Release() when done to release resouces allocated to this type.

func OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerToJS Uses

func OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerToJS(callback OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerFunc) *OnBeforeUnloadEventHandler

type OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerFunc Uses

type OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerFunc func(event *domcore.Event) *string

callback: OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerNonNull

func OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerFromJS Uses

func OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerFromJS(_value js.Value) OnBeforeUnloadEventHandlerFunc

type OnErrorEventHandler Uses

type OnErrorEventHandler js.Func

OnErrorEventHandler is a javascript function type.

Call Release() when done to release resouces allocated to this type.

func OnErrorEventHandlerToJS Uses

func OnErrorEventHandlerToJS(callback OnErrorEventHandlerFunc) *OnErrorEventHandler

type OnErrorEventHandlerFunc Uses

type OnErrorEventHandlerFunc func(event *Union, source *string, lineno *uint, colno *uint, _error js.Value) interface{}

callback: OnErrorEventHandlerNonNull

func OnErrorEventHandlerFromJS Uses

func OnErrorEventHandlerFromJS(_value js.Value) OnErrorEventHandlerFunc

type Union Uses

type Union struct {
    Value js.Value

func UnionFromJS Uses

func UnionFromJS(value js.Value) *Union

func (*Union) JSValue Uses

func (u *Union) JSValue() js.Value

type WorkerType Uses

type WorkerType int

enum: WorkerType

const (
    ClassicWorkerType WorkerType = iota

func WorkerTypeFromJS Uses

func WorkerTypeFromJS(value js.Value) WorkerType

WorkerTypeFromJS is converting a javascript value into a WorkerType enum value.

func (*WorkerType) JSValue Uses

func (this *WorkerType) JSValue() js.Value

JSValue is converting this enum into a javascript object

func (WorkerType) Value Uses

func (this WorkerType) Value() string

Value is converting this into javascript defined string value

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