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package input

import ""

Package in provides interfaces, concrete implementations, and utilities to ingest data into metrictank


Package Files

input.go plugin.go

func ConfigSetup Uses

func ConfigSetup()

type DefaultHandler Uses

type DefaultHandler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Default is a base handler for a metrics packet, aimed to be embedded by concrete implementations

func NewDefaultHandler Uses

func NewDefaultHandler(metrics mdata.Metrics, metricIndex idx.MetricIndex, input string) DefaultHandler

func (DefaultHandler) ProcessMetricData Uses

func (in DefaultHandler) ProcessMetricData(md *schema.MetricData, partition int32)

ProcessMetricData assures the data is stored and the metadata is in the index concurrency-safe.

func (DefaultHandler) ProcessMetricPoint Uses

func (in DefaultHandler) ProcessMetricPoint(point schema.MetricPoint, format msg.Format, partition int32)

ProcessMetricPoint updates the index if possible, and stores the data if we have an index entry concurrency-safe.

type Handler Uses

type Handler interface {
    ProcessMetricData(md *schema.MetricData, partition int32)
    ProcessMetricPoint(point schema.MetricPoint, format msg.Format, partition int32)

type Plugin Uses

type Plugin interface {
    Name() string
    // Start starts the plugin.
    // The plugin calls cancel should any non-recoverable error occur after Start has returned.
    // if Start returns an error, or cancel is called by the plugin,
    // the caller (e.g. main process) should shut down all its resources and exit.
    // Note that upon fatal close, metrictank will call Stop() on all plugins, also the one that triggered it.
    Start(handler Handler, cancel context.CancelFunc) error
    ExplainPriority() interface{}
    Stop() // Should block until shutdown is complete.


carbonpackage carbon provides a traditional carbon input for metrictank note: it does not support the "carbon2.0" protocol that serializes metrics2.0 into a plaintext carbon-like protocol

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