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package logger

import ""

Package logger provides a custom TextFormatter for use with the library. Please refer to for general usage guidelines on logrus formatters.


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type TextFormatter Uses

type TextFormatter struct {
    // Disable timestamp logging. useful when output is redirected to logging
    // system that already adds timestamps
    DisableTimestamp bool

    // Disable the conversion of the log levels to uppercase
    DisableUppercase bool

    // Timestamp format to use for display when a full timestamp is printed
    TimestampFormat string

    // The fields are sorted by default for a consistent output
    DisableSorting bool

    // Wrap empty fields in quotes if true
    QuoteEmptyFields bool

    // Can be set to the override the default quoting character "
    // with something else. For example: ', or `.
    QuoteCharacter string

    // The name of the module (webserver, redis, cluster-kafka, etc...),
    // prints before the log message, doesn't print if empty
    ModuleName string


TextFormatter maintains a list of options to apply while formatting your log output. For more information about the Timestamp format refer to

func (*TextFormatter) Format Uses

func (f *TextFormatter) Format(entry *logrus.Entry) ([]byte, error)

Format renders a single log entry. It is meant to be called from

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