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package pprof

import ""


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func HTTPAddr Uses

func HTTPAddr() net.Addr

PprofAddr returns the listen address of the HTTP httpserver. It is useful when the process was started with flag -pprof=:0.

func Start Uses

func Start()

Start starts the cpu, memory, and other profilers specified in the commandline. This function has no effect if none of the following flags is set.

-cpu-profile -heap-profile -thread-create-profile -block-profile -mutex-profile -profile-interval-s -pprof

This function should be called at the start of a process. Calling it multiple times a noop.

func Write Uses

func Write(debug int)

WritePprof writes the profile information to new files. Each call results in a new file name of the for <command-line-prefix>-<number> where number is incremented each time Write is called. All of the profiles enabled on the command line are written.



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