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package taskscheduler

import ""


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const TaskSchedulerComponentName = instance.FrameworkPrefix + facilityName

TaskSchedulerComponentName is the name of the TaskScheduler component as stored in the IoC framework.

type FacilityBuilder Uses

type FacilityBuilder struct {

FacilityBuilder creates the components that make up the TaskScheduler facility

func (*FacilityBuilder) BuildAndRegister Uses

func (fb *FacilityBuilder) BuildAndRegister(lm *logging.ComponentLoggerManager, ca *config.Accessor, cn *ioc.ComponentContainer) error

BuildAndRegister implements FacilityBuilder.BuildAndRegister

func (*FacilityBuilder) DependsOnFacilities Uses

func (fb *FacilityBuilder) DependsOnFacilities() []string

DependsOnFacilities implements FacilityBuilder.DependsOnFacilities

func (*FacilityBuilder) FacilityName Uses

func (fb *FacilityBuilder) FacilityName() string

FacilityName implements FacilityBuilder.FacilityName

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