terratest: github.com/gruntwork-io/terratest


modules/awsPackage aws allows to interact with resources on Amazon Web Services.
modules/collectionsPackage collections allows to interact with lists of things.
modules/dns-helperPackage dns_helper contains helpers to interact with the Domain Name System.
modules/dockerPackage docker allows to interact with Docker and docker-compose resources.
modules/environmentPackage environment provides utility functions for interacting with the OS environment (e.g environment variables).
modules/filesPackage files allows to interact with files on a file system.
modules/gcpPackage gcp allows interaction with Google Cloud Platform resources.
modules/gitPackage git allows to interact with Git.
modules/helmPackage helm provides common functionalities for testing helm charts, such as calling out to the helm client.
modules/http-helperPackage http_helper contains helpers to interact with deployed resources through HTTP.
modules/k8sPackage k8s provides common functionalities for interacting with a Kubernetes cluster in the context of infrastructure testing.
modules/loggerPackage logger contains different methods to log.
modules/logger/parserPackage logger/parser contains methods to parse and restructure log output from go testing and terratest
modules/packerPackage packer allows to interact with Packer.
modules/randomPackage random contains different random generators.
modules/retryPackage retry contains logic to retry actions with certain conditions.
modules/shellPackage shell allows to run commands in a shell.
modules/sshPackage ssh allows to manage SSH connections and send commands through them.
modules/terraformPackage terraform allows to interact with Terraform.
modules/test-structurePackage test_structure allows to set up tests and their environment.

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