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package asciigraph

import ""


Package Files

asciigraph.go options.go utils.go

func Plot Uses

func Plot(series []float64, options ...Option) string

Plot returns ascii graph for a series.

type Option Uses

type Option interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

Option represents a configuration setting.

func Caption Uses

func Caption(caption string) Option

Caption sets the graphs caption.

func Height Uses

func Height(h int) Option

Height sets the graphs height.

func Offset Uses

func Offset(o int) Option

Offset sets the graphs offset.

func Width Uses

func Width(w int) Option

Width sets the graphs width. By default, the width of the graph is determined by the number of data points. If the value given is a positive number, the data points are interpolated on the x axis. Values <= 0 reset the width to the default value.



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