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package shareable

import "github.com/hajimehoshi/ebiten/internal/shareable"


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const MaxCountForShare = 10

MaxCountForShare represents the time duration when the image can become shared.

This value is exported for testing.

func BeginFrame Uses

func BeginFrame() error

func DumpImages Uses

func DumpImages(dir string) error

func EndFrame Uses

func EndFrame() error

func InitializeGraphicsDriverState Uses

func InitializeGraphicsDriverState() error

func MakeImagesSharedForTesting Uses

func MakeImagesSharedForTesting()

func SetGraphicsDriver Uses

func SetGraphicsDriver(graphics driver.Graphics)

type Image Uses

type Image struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewImage Uses

func NewImage(width, height int) *Image

func NewScreenFramebufferImage Uses

func NewScreenFramebufferImage(width, height int) *Image

func (*Image) At Uses

func (i *Image) At(x, y int) (byte, byte, byte, byte)

func (*Image) ClearFramebuffer Uses

func (i *Image) ClearFramebuffer()

ClearFramebuffer clears the image with a color. This affects not only the (0, 0)-(width, height) region but also the whole framebuffer region.

func (*Image) Dispose Uses

func (i *Image) Dispose()

func (*Image) DrawTriangles Uses

func (i *Image) DrawTriangles(img *Image, vertices []float32, indices []uint16, colorm *affine.ColorM, mode driver.CompositeMode, filter driver.Filter, address driver.Address)

func (*Image) Dump Uses

func (i *Image) Dump(path string) error

func (*Image) IsSharedForTesting Uses

func (i *Image) IsSharedForTesting() bool

func (*Image) IsVolatile Uses

func (i *Image) IsVolatile() bool

func (*Image) MakeVolatile Uses

func (i *Image) MakeVolatile()

func (*Image) PutVertex Uses

func (i *Image) PutVertex(dst []float32, dx, dy, sx, sy float32, bx0, by0, bx1, by1 float32, cr, cg, cb, ca float32)

PutVertices puts the given dst with vertices that can be passed to DrawTriangles.

func (*Image) ReplacePixels Uses

func (i *Image) ReplacePixels(p []byte)

func (*Image) ResetRestoringState Uses

func (i *Image) ResetRestoringState()

func (*Image) Size Uses

func (i *Image) Size() (width, height int)

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