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package vector

import "github.com/hajimehoshi/ebiten/vector"

Package vector provides functions for vector graphics rendering.

This package is under experiments and the API might be changed with breaking backward compatibility.


Package Files


type DrawPathOptions Uses

type DrawPathOptions struct {
    LineWidth   float32
    StrokeColor color.Color

DrawPathOptions is the options specified at (*Path).Draw.

type Path Uses

type Path struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Path represents a collection of paths.

func (*Path) Draw Uses

func (p *Path) Draw(target *ebiten.Image, op *DrawPathOptions)

Draw draws the path by rendering its stroke or filling.

func (*Path) LineTo Uses

func (p *Path) LineTo(x, y float32)

LineTo adds a math.Segment to the path, which starts from the current position and ends to the given position (x, y).

LineTo updates the current position to (x, y).

func (*Path) MoveTo Uses

func (p *Path) MoveTo(x, y float32)

MoveTo skips the current position of the path to the given position (x, y) without adding any strokes.



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