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package zipfs

import "github.com/hanwen/go-fuse/zipfs"


Package Files

multizip.go tarfs.go zipfs.go

func HeaderToFileInfo Uses

func HeaderToFileInfo(out *fuse.Attr, h *tar.Header)

HeaderToFileInfo fills a fuse.Attr struct from a tar.Header.

func NewArchiveFileSystem Uses

func NewArchiveFileSystem(name string) (root fs.InodeEmbedder, err error)

func NewTarCompressedTree Uses

func NewTarCompressedTree(name string, format string) (fs.InodeEmbedder, error)

NewTarCompressedTree creates the tree of a tar file as a FUSE InodeEmbedder. The inode can either be mounted as the root of a FUSE mount, or added as a child to some other FUSE tree.

func NewZipTree Uses

func NewZipTree(name string) (fs.InodeEmbedder, error)

NewZipTree creates a new file-system for the zip file named name.

type MultiZipFs Uses

type MultiZipFs struct {

MultiZipFs is a filesystem that mounts zipfiles.

func (*MultiZipFs) OnAdd Uses

func (root *MultiZipFs) OnAdd(ctx context.Context)

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