hcl2: github.com/hashicorp/hcl2


ext/includePackage include implements a HCL extension that allows inclusion of one HCL body into another using blocks of type "include", with the following structure:
ext/transformPackage transform is a helper package for writing extensions that work by applying transforms to bodies.
ext/typeexprPackage typeexpr extends HCL with a convention for describing HCL types within configuration files.
ext/userfuncPackage userfunc implements a HCL extension that allows user-defined functions in HCL configuration.
gohclPackage gohcl allows decoding HCL configurations into Go data structures.
hcldecPackage hcldec provides a higher-level API for unpacking the content of HCL bodies, implemented in terms of the low-level "Content" API exposed by the bodies themselves.
hcledPackage hcled provides functionality intended to help an application that embeds HCL to deliver relevant information to a text editor or IDE for navigating around and analyzing configuration files.
hcl/hclsyntaxPackage hclsyntax contains the parser, AST, etc for HCL's native language, as opposed to the JSON variant.
hcl/integrationtestPackage integrationtest is an internal package that contains some tests that attempt to exercise many HCL features together in realistic scenarios.
hcl/jsonPackage json is the JSON parser for HCL.
hclpackPackage hclpack provides a straightforward representation of HCL block/body structure that can be easily serialized and deserialized for compact transmission (e.g.
hcltestPackage hcltest contains utilities that aim to make it more convenient to write tests for code that interacts with the HCL API.
hclwritePackage hclwrite deals with the problem of generating HCL configuration and of making specific surgical changes to existing HCL configurations.

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