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package cachememdb

import ""


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const (
    // IndexNameID is the ID of the index constructed from the serialized request.
    IndexNameID = "id"

    // IndexNameLease is the lease of the index.
    IndexNameLease = "lease"

    // IndexNameRequestPath is the request path of the index.
    IndexNameRequestPath = "request_path"

    // IndexNameToken is the token of the index.
    IndexNameToken = "token"

    // IndexNameTokenAccessor is the token accessor of the index.
    IndexNameTokenAccessor = "token_accessor"

    // IndexNameTokenParent is the token parent of the index.
    IndexNameTokenParent = "token_parent"

    // IndexNameLeaseToken is the token that created the lease.
    IndexNameLeaseToken = "lease_token"

type CacheMemDB Uses

type CacheMemDB struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CacheMemDB is the underlying cache database for storing indexes.

func New Uses

func New() (*CacheMemDB, error)

New creates a new instance of CacheMemDB.

func (*CacheMemDB) Evict Uses

func (c *CacheMemDB) Evict(indexName string, indexValues ...interface{}) error

Evict removes an index from the cache based on index name and value.

func (*CacheMemDB) Flush Uses

func (c *CacheMemDB) Flush() error

Flush resets the underlying cache object.

func (*CacheMemDB) Get Uses

func (c *CacheMemDB) Get(indexName string, indexValues ...interface{}) (*Index, error)

Get returns the index based on the indexer and the index values provided.

func (*CacheMemDB) GetByPrefix Uses

func (c *CacheMemDB) GetByPrefix(indexName string, indexValues ...interface{}) ([]*Index, error)

GetByPrefix returns all the cached indexes based on the index name and the value prefix.

func (*CacheMemDB) Set Uses

func (c *CacheMemDB) Set(index *Index) error

Set stores the index into the cache.

type ContextInfo Uses

type ContextInfo struct {
    Ctx        context.Context
    CancelFunc context.CancelFunc
    DoneCh     chan struct{}

func NewContextInfo Uses

func NewContextInfo(ctx context.Context) *ContextInfo

type Index Uses

type Index struct {
    // ID is a value that uniquely represents the request held by this
    // index. This is computed by serializing and hashing the response object.
    // Required: true, Unique: true
    ID  string

    // Token is the token that fetched the response held by this index
    // Required: true, Unique: true
    Token string

    // TokenParent is the parent token of the token held by this index
    // Required: false, Unique: false
    TokenParent string

    // TokenAccessor is the accessor of the token being cached in this index
    // Required: true, Unique: true
    TokenAccessor string

    // Namespace is the namespace that was provided in the request path as the
    // Vault namespace to query
    Namespace string

    // RequestPath is the path of the request that resulted in the response
    // held by this index.
    // Required: true, Unique: false
    RequestPath string

    // Lease is the identifier of the lease in Vault, that belongs to the
    // response held by this index.
    // Required: false, Unique: true
    Lease string

    // LeaseToken is the identifier of the token that created the lease held by
    // this index.
    // Required: false, Unique: false
    LeaseToken string

    // Response is the serialized response object that the agent is caching.
    Response []byte

    // RenewCtxInfo holds the context and the corresponding cancel func for the
    // goroutine that manages the renewal of the secret belonging to the
    // response in this index.
    RenewCtxInfo *ContextInfo

Index holds the response to be cached along with multiple other values that serve as pointers to refer back to this index.

type IndexName Uses

type IndexName uint32

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