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package reload

import ""


Package Files


type CertificateGetter Uses

type CertificateGetter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CertificateGetter satisfies ReloadFunc and its GetCertificate method satisfies the tls.GetCertificate function signature. Currently it does not allow changing paths after the fact.

func NewCertificateGetter Uses

func NewCertificateGetter(certFile, keyFile, passphrase string) *CertificateGetter

func (*CertificateGetter) GetCertificate Uses

func (cg *CertificateGetter) GetCertificate(clientHello *tls.ClientHelloInfo) (*tls.Certificate, error)

func (*CertificateGetter) Reload Uses

func (cg *CertificateGetter) Reload(_ map[string]interface{}) error

type ReloadFunc Uses

type ReloadFunc func(map[string]interface{}) error

ReloadFunc are functions that are called when a reload is requested

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