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package locksutil

import ""


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const (
    LockCount = 256

func LockIndexForKey Uses

func LockIndexForKey(key string) uint8

type LockEntry Uses

type LockEntry struct {

func CreateLocks Uses

func CreateLocks() []*LockEntry

CreateLocks returns an array so that the locks can be iterated over in order.

This is only threadsafe if a process is using a single lock, or iterating over the entire lock slice in order. Using a consistent order avoids deadlocks because you can never have the following:

Lock A, Lock B Lock B, Lock A

Where process 1 is now deadlocked trying to lock B, and process 2 deadlocked trying to lock A

func LockForKey Uses

func LockForKey(locks []*LockEntry, key string) *LockEntry

func LocksForKeys Uses

func LocksForKeys(locks []*LockEntry, keys []string) []*LockEntry

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