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package logging

import ""


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func NewVaultLogger Uses

func NewVaultLogger(level log.Level) log.Logger

NewVaultLogger creates a new logger with the specified level and a Vault formatter

func NewVaultLoggerWithWriter Uses

func NewVaultLoggerWithWriter(w io.Writer, level log.Level) log.Logger

NewVaultLoggerWithWriter creates a new logger with the specified level and writer and a Vault formatter

type LogFormat Uses

type LogFormat int
const (
    UnspecifiedFormat LogFormat = iota

func ParseEnvLogFormat Uses

func ParseEnvLogFormat() LogFormat

ParseEnvLogFormat parses the log format from an environment variable.

func ParseLogFormat Uses

func ParseLogFormat(format string) (LogFormat, error)

ParseLogFormat parses the log format from the provided string.

func (LogFormat) String Uses

func (l LogFormat) String() string

Stringer implementation

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