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package ocikms

import ""

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const (
    // OCI KMS key ID to use for encryption and decryption
    // OCI KMS crypto endpoint to use for encryption and decryption
    // OCI KMS management endpoint to manage keys
    // Maximum number of retries
    KMSMaximumNumberOfRetries = 5
    // keyID config
    KMSConfigKeyID = "key_id"
    // cryptoEndpoint config
    KMSConfigCryptoEndpoint = "crypto_endpoint"
    // managementEndpoint config
    KMSConfigManagementEndpoint = "management_endpoint"
    // authTypeAPIKey config
    KMSConfigAuthTypeAPIKey = "auth_type_api_key"

type OCIKMSMechanism Uses

type OCIKMSMechanism uint32

OCIKMSMechanism is the method used to encrypt/decrypt in auto unseal process

type OCIKMSSeal Uses

type OCIKMSSeal struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSeal Uses

func NewSeal(logger log.Logger) *OCIKMSSeal

NewSeal creates a new OCIKMSSeal seal with the provided logger

func (*OCIKMSSeal) Decrypt Uses

func (k *OCIKMSSeal) Decrypt(ctx context.Context, in *physical.EncryptedBlobInfo) ([]byte, error)

func (*OCIKMSSeal) Encrypt Uses

func (k *OCIKMSSeal) Encrypt(ctx context.Context, plaintext []byte) (*physical.EncryptedBlobInfo, error)

func (*OCIKMSSeal) Finalize Uses

func (k *OCIKMSSeal) Finalize(context.Context) error

func (*OCIKMSSeal) Init Uses

func (k *OCIKMSSeal) Init(context.Context) error

func (*OCIKMSSeal) KeyID Uses

func (k *OCIKMSSeal) KeyID() string

func (*OCIKMSSeal) SealType Uses

func (k *OCIKMSSeal) SealType() string

func (*OCIKMSSeal) SetConfig Uses

func (k *OCIKMSSeal) SetConfig(config map[string]string) (map[string]string, error)

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