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package image

import "github.com/hashier/1-2-animation/image"

Package image provides functions to geenrate images for 1-2-animations

These methods mostly just help to load/save images and to generate some example/test images.


Package Files


func ExampleColorImages Uses

func ExampleColorImages(w, h, ppf int)

ExampleColorImages generates and saves 2 example colored test images

func GenerateCalibrationTestImageAndSave Uses

func GenerateCalibrationTestImageAndSave(file string, w, h int) error

GenerateCalibrationTestImageAndSave generates a calibration test image

func GenerateImageFrom Uses

func GenerateImageFrom(files []string, file string, ppf int)

GenerateImageFrom generates a 1-2-image from the provided file paths

file is the filepath the output image will be written to ppf is the pixel width for each frame

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