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package fmts

import ""

Package fmts holds defined errorformats.

Defined formats:

	ansible-lint	(ansible-lint -p playbook.yml) Checks playbooks for practices and behaviour that could potentially be improved -
	dotnet	(dotnet build -clp:NoSummary -p:GenerateFullPaths=true --no-incremental --nologo -v q) .NET Core CLI -
	msbuild	(msbuild /property:GenerateFullPaths=true /nologo /v:q) Microsoft Build Engine -
	stylelint	A mighty modern CSS linter -
	dotenv-linter	Linter for .env files -
	go-consistent	Source code analyzer that helps you to make your Go programs more consistent -
	golangci-lint	(golangci-lint run --out-format=line-number) GolangCI-Lint is a linters aggregator. -
	golint	linter for Go source code -
	gosec	(gosec -fmt=golint) Golang Security Checker -
	govet	Vet examines Go source code and reports suspicious problems -
	haml-lint	Tool for writing clean and consistent HAML -
	hlint	Linter for Haskell source code -
	eslint	(eslint [-f stylish]) A fully pluggable tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript -
	eslint-compact	(eslint -f compact) A fully pluggable tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript -
	standardjs	(standard) JavaScript style guide, linter, and formatter -
	phpstan	(phpstan --error-format=raw) PHP Static Analysis Tool - discover bugs in your code without running it! -
	psalm	(psalm --output-format=text) Psalm is a static analysis tool for finding errors in PHP -
	puppet-lint	Check that your Puppet manifests conform to the style guide -
	pep8	Python style guide checker -
	brakeman	(brakeman --quiet --format tabs) A static analysis security vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails applications -
	fasterer	Speed improvements suggester -
	reek	(reek --single-line) Code smell detector for Ruby -
	rubocop	A Ruby static code analyzer, based on the community Ruby style guide -
	sorbet	A fast, powerful type checker designed for Ruby -
	standardrb	(standard) Ruby style guide, linter, and formatter -
	cargo-check	(cargo check -q --message-format=short) Check a local package and all of its dependencies for errors -
	clippy	(cargo clippy -q --message-format=short) A bunch of lints to catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code -
	sbt	the interactive build tool -
	sbt-scalastyle	Scalastyle - SBT plugin -
	scalac	Scala compiler -
	scalastyle	Scalastyle - Command line -
	slim-lint	Tool to help keep your Slim files clean and readable -
	tsc	TypeScript compiler -
	tslint	An extensible linter for the TypeScript language -


Package Files

ansible.go csharp.go css.go doc.go env.go fmt.go go.go haml.go haskell.go javascript.go php.go puppet.go python.go ruby.go rust.go scala.go slim.go typescript.go

func DefinedFmtsByLang Uses

func DefinedFmtsByLang() map[string]Fmts

DefinedFmtsByLang returns all defined errorformats by language.

type Fmt Uses

type Fmt struct {
    // name of this errorformat (recommends program name and must be uniq)
    Name string

    // Errorformat is list of 'errorformat'
    Errorformat []string

    // one-line description
    Description string

    // Reference URL if any
    URL string

    // Target Programming Language of the program.
    Language string

Fmt represents defined errorformat

type Fmts Uses

type Fmts map[string]*Fmt

Fmts holds all defined Fmt in this package. key is Fmt.Name.

func DefinedFmts Uses

func DefinedFmts() Fmts

DefinedFmts returns all defined errorformats.

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