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package surf

import ""

Package surf ensembles other packages into a usable browser.


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var (
    // DefaultUserAgent is the global user agent value.
    DefaultUserAgent = agent.Create()

    // DefaultSendReferer is the global value for the AttributeSendReferer attribute.
    DefaultSendReferer = true

    // DefaultMetaRefreshHandling is the global value for the AttributeHandleRefresh attribute.
    DefaultMetaRefreshHandling = true

    // DefaultFollowRedirects is the global value for the AttributeFollowRedirects attribute.
    DefaultFollowRedirects = true

    // DefaultMaxHistoryLength is the global value for max history length.
    DefaultMaxHistoryLength = 0

func NewBrowser Uses

func NewBrowser() *browser.Browser

NewBrowser creates and returns a *browser.Browser type.


agentPackage agent generates user agents strings for well known browsers and for custom browsers.
browserPackage browser contains the primary browser implementation.
errorsPackage errors contains error types specific to the Surf library.
jarPackage jar has containers for storing data, such as bookmarks and cookies.
utilPackage util contains some utility methods used by other packages.

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