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package common

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/internal/github.com/hyperledger/fabric-ca/lib/common"


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const (
    // IdemixTokenVersion1 represents version 1 of the authorization token created using Idemix credential
    IdemixTokenVersion1 = "1"

type CAInfoResponseNet Uses

type CAInfoResponseNet struct {
    // CAName is a unique name associated with fabric-ca-server's CA
    CAName string
    // Base64 encoding of PEM-encoded certificate chain
    CAChain string
    // Base64 encoding of Idemix issuer public key
    IssuerPublicKey string
    // Base64 encoding of PEM-encoded Idemix issuer revocation public key
    IssuerRevocationPublicKey string
    // Version of the server
    Version string

CAInfoResponseNet is the response to the GET /info request

type EnrollmentResponseNet Uses

type EnrollmentResponseNet struct {
    // Base64 encoded PEM-encoded ECert
    Cert string
    // The server information
    ServerInfo CAInfoResponseNet

EnrollmentResponseNet is the response to the /enroll request

type IdemixEnrollmentResponseNet Uses

type IdemixEnrollmentResponseNet struct {
    // Base64 encoding of proto bytes of idemix.Credential
    Credential string
    // Attribute name-value pairs
    Attrs map[string]interface{}
    // Base64 encoding of proto bytes of idemix.CredentialRevocationInformation
    CRI string
    // Base64 encoding of the issuer nonce
    Nonce string
    // The CA information
    CAInfo CAInfoResponseNet

IdemixEnrollmentResponseNet is the response to the /idemix/credential request

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