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package cryptosuite

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/pkg/core/cryptosuite"


Package Files

cryptoconfig.go cryptosuite.go opts.go

func BuildCryptoSuiteConfigFromOptions Uses

func BuildCryptoSuiteConfigFromOptions(opts ...interface{}) (core.CryptoSuiteConfig, error)

BuildCryptoSuiteConfigFromOptions will return an CryptoConfig instance pre-built with Optional interfaces provided in fabsdk's WithConfigCrypto(opts...) call

func ConfigFromBackend Uses

func ConfigFromBackend(coreBackend ...core.ConfigBackend) core.CryptoSuiteConfig

ConfigFromBackend returns CryptoSuite config implementation for given backend

func DefaultInitialized Uses

func DefaultInitialized() bool

DefaultInitialized returns true if a default suite has already been set.

func GetDefault Uses

func GetDefault() core.CryptoSuite

GetDefault returns default core

func GetECDSAP256KeyGenOpts Uses

func GetECDSAP256KeyGenOpts(ephemeral bool) core.KeyGenOpts

GetECDSAP256KeyGenOpts returns options for ECDSA key generation with curve P-256.

func GetSHA256Opts Uses

func GetSHA256Opts() core.HashOpts

GetSHA256Opts returns options relating to SHA-256.

func GetSHAOpts Uses

func GetSHAOpts() core.HashOpts

GetSHAOpts returns options for computing SHA.

func IsCryptoConfigFullyOverridden Uses

func IsCryptoConfigFullyOverridden(c *CryptoConfigOptions) bool

IsCryptoConfigFullyOverridden will return true if all of the argument's sub interfaces is not nil (ie CryptoSuiteConfig interface not fully overridden)

func SetDefault Uses

func SetDefault(newDefaultSuite core.CryptoSuite) error

SetDefault sets default suite if one is not already set or created Make sure you set default suite before very first call to GetDefault(), otherwise this function will return an error

func UpdateMissingOptsWithDefaultConfig Uses

func UpdateMissingOptsWithDefaultConfig(c *CryptoConfigOptions, d core.CryptoSuiteConfig) core.CryptoSuiteConfig

UpdateMissingOptsWithDefaultConfig will verify if any functions of the CryptoConfig were not updated with fabsdk's WithConfigCrypto(opts...) call, then use default CryptoConfig interface for these functions instead

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Config represents the crypto suite configuration for the client

func (*Config) IsSecurityEnabled Uses

func (c *Config) IsSecurityEnabled() bool

IsSecurityEnabled config used enable and disable security in cryptosuite

func (*Config) KeyStorePath Uses

func (c *Config) KeyStorePath() string

KeyStorePath returns the keystore path used by BCCSP

func (*Config) SecurityAlgorithm Uses

func (c *Config) SecurityAlgorithm() string

SecurityAlgorithm returns cryptoSuite config hash algorithm

func (*Config) SecurityLevel Uses

func (c *Config) SecurityLevel() int

SecurityLevel returns cryptSuite config security level

func (*Config) SecurityProvider Uses

func (c *Config) SecurityProvider() string

SecurityProvider provider SW or PKCS11

func (*Config) SecurityProviderLabel Uses

func (c *Config) SecurityProviderLabel() string

SecurityProviderLabel will be set only if provider is PKCS11

func (*Config) SecurityProviderLibPath Uses

func (c *Config) SecurityProviderLibPath() string

SecurityProviderLibPath will be set only if provider is PKCS11

func (*Config) SecurityProviderPin Uses

func (c *Config) SecurityProviderPin() string

SecurityProviderPin will be set only if provider is PKCS11

func (*Config) SoftVerify Uses

func (c *Config) SoftVerify() bool

SoftVerify flag

type CryptoConfigOptions Uses

type CryptoConfigOptions struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CryptoConfigOptions represents CryptoConfig interface with overridable interface functions if a function is not overridden, the default CryptoConfig implementation will be used.



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