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package utils

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/bccsp/utils"


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func GetCurveHalfOrdersAt Uses

func GetCurveHalfOrdersAt(c elliptic.Curve) *big.Int

func IsLowS Uses

func IsLowS(k *ecdsa.PublicKey, s *big.Int) (bool, error)

IsLow checks that s is a low-S

func MarshalECDSASignature Uses

func MarshalECDSASignature(r, s *big.Int) ([]byte, error)

func SignatureToLowS Uses

func SignatureToLowS(k *ecdsa.PublicKey, signature []byte) ([]byte, error)

func ToLowS Uses

func ToLowS(k *ecdsa.PublicKey, s *big.Int) (*big.Int, error)

func UnmarshalECDSASignature Uses

func UnmarshalECDSASignature(raw []byte) (*big.Int, *big.Int, error)

type ECDSASignature Uses

type ECDSASignature struct {
    R, S *big.Int

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