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package peer

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/common/mocks/peer"


Package Files

mockccstream.go mockpeerccsupport.go

type MockCCComm Uses

type MockCCComm struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MockCCComm implements the mock communication between chaincode and peer We'd need two MockCCComm for communication. The receiver and sender will be switched between the two.

func (*MockCCComm) CloseSend Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) CloseSend() error

CloseSend closes send

func (*MockCCComm) GetRecvStream Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) GetRecvStream() chan *pb.ChaincodeMessage

GetRecvStream returns the recvStream

func (*MockCCComm) GetSendStream Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) GetSendStream() chan *pb.ChaincodeMessage

GetSendStream returns the sendStream

func (*MockCCComm) Quit Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) Quit()

Quit closes the channels...

func (*MockCCComm) Recv Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) Recv() (*pb.ChaincodeMessage, error)

Recv receives a message

func (*MockCCComm) Run Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) Run(done <-chan struct{}) error

Run receives and sends indefinitely

func (*MockCCComm) Send Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) Send(msg *pb.ChaincodeMessage) error

Send sends a message

func (*MockCCComm) SetBailOnError Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) SetBailOnError(b bool)

SetBailOnError will cause Run to return on any error

func (*MockCCComm) SetKeepAlive Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) SetKeepAlive(ka *pb.ChaincodeMessage)

SetKeepAlive sets keepalive. This mut be done on the server only

func (*MockCCComm) SetName Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) SetName(newname string)

func (*MockCCComm) SetPong Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) SetPong(val bool)

SetPong pongs received keepalive. This mut be done on the chaincode only

func (*MockCCComm) SetResponses Uses

func (s *MockCCComm) SetResponses(respSet *MockResponseSet)

SetResponses sets responses for an Init or Invoke

type MockPeerCCSupport Uses

type MockPeerCCSupport struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MockPeerCCSupport provides CC support for peer interfaces.

func NewMockPeerSupport Uses

func NewMockPeerSupport() *MockPeerCCSupport

NewMockPeerSupport getsa mock peer support

func (*MockPeerCCSupport) AddCC Uses

func (mp *MockPeerCCSupport) AddCC(name string, recv chan *pb.ChaincodeMessage, send chan *pb.ChaincodeMessage) (*MockCCComm, error)

AddCC adds a cc to the MockPeerCCSupport

func (*MockPeerCCSupport) GetCC Uses

func (mp *MockPeerCCSupport) GetCC(name string) (*MockCCComm, error)

GetCC gets a cc from the MockPeerCCSupport

func (*MockPeerCCSupport) GetCCMirror Uses

func (mp *MockPeerCCSupport) GetCCMirror(name string) *MockCCComm

GetCCMirror creates a MockCCStream with streans switched

func (*MockPeerCCSupport) RemoveAll Uses

func (mp *MockPeerCCSupport) RemoveAll() error

RemoveAll removes all ccs

func (*MockPeerCCSupport) RemoveCC Uses

func (mp *MockPeerCCSupport) RemoveCC(name string) error

RemoveCC removes a cc

type MockResponse Uses

type MockResponse struct {
    RecvMsg *pb.ChaincodeMessage
    RespMsg interface{}

MockResponse contains the expected received message (optional) and response to send (optional)

type MockResponseSet Uses

type MockResponseSet struct {
    //DoneFunc is invoked when all I/O is done for this
    //response set
    DoneFunc func(int, error)

    //ErrorFunc is invoked at any step when the input does not
    //match the received message
    ErrorFunc func(int, error)

    //Responses contained the expected received message (optional)
    //and response to send (optional)
    Responses []*MockResponse

MockResponseSet is used for processing CC to Peer comm such as GET/PUT/DEL state. The MockResponse contains the response to be returned for each input received.from the CC. Every stub call will generate a response

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