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package ccpackage

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/common/ccpackage"


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func CreateSignedCCDepSpecForInstall Uses

func CreateSignedCCDepSpecForInstall(pack []*common.Envelope) (*common.Envelope, error)

CreateSignedCCDepSpecForInstall creates the final package from a set of packages signed by owners. This is similar to how the SDK assembles a TX from various proposal responses from the signatures.

func ExtractSignedCCDepSpec Uses

func ExtractSignedCCDepSpec(env *common.Envelope) (*common.ChannelHeader, *peer.SignedChaincodeDeploymentSpec, error)

ExtractSignedCCDepSpec extracts the messages from the envelope

func OwnerCreateSignedCCDepSpec Uses

func OwnerCreateSignedCCDepSpec(cds *peer.ChaincodeDeploymentSpec, instPolicy *common.SignaturePolicyEnvelope, owner identity.SignerSerializer) (*common.Envelope, error)

OwnerCreateSignedCCDepSpec creates a package from a ChaincodeDeploymentSpec and optionally endorses it

func SignExistingPackage Uses

func SignExistingPackage(env *common.Envelope, owner identity.SignerSerializer) (*common.Envelope, error)

SignExistingPackage adds a signature to a signed package.

func ValidateCip Uses

func ValidateCip(baseCip, otherCip *peer.SignedChaincodeDeploymentSpec) error

ValidateCip validate the endorsed package against the base package

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