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package sysccprovider

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/common/sysccprovider"


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type ChaincodeInstance Uses

type ChaincodeInstance struct {
    ChannelID        string
    ChaincodeName    string
    ChaincodeVersion string

ChaincodeInstance is unique identifier of chaincode instance

func (*ChaincodeInstance) String Uses

func (ci *ChaincodeInstance) String() string

type SystemChaincodeProvider Uses

type SystemChaincodeProvider interface {
    // GetQueryExecutorForLedger returns a query executor for the
    // ledger of the supplied channel.
    // That's useful for system chaincodes that require unfettered
    // access to the ledger
    GetQueryExecutorForLedger(cid string) (ledger.QueryExecutor, error)

    // GetApplicationConfig returns the configtxapplication.SharedConfig for the channel
    // and whether the Application config exists
    GetApplicationConfig(cid string) (channelconfig.Application, bool)

    // Returns the policy manager associated to the passed channel
    // and whether the policy manager exists
    PolicyManager(channelID string) (policies.Manager, bool)

SystemChaincodeProvider provides an abstraction layer that is used for different packages to interact with code in the system chaincode package without importing it; more methods should be added below if necessary

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