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package container

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/container"


Package Files

build_registry.go container.go

type BuildRegistry Uses

type BuildRegistry struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*BuildRegistry) BuildStatus Uses

func (br *BuildRegistry) BuildStatus(ccid string) (*BuildStatus, bool)

BuildStatus returns a BuildStatus for the ccid, and whether the caller is waiting in line (true), or this build status is new and their responsibility. If the build status is new, then the caller must call Notify with the error (or nil) upon completion.

type BuildStatus Uses

type BuildStatus struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewBuildStatus Uses

func NewBuildStatus() *BuildStatus

func (*BuildStatus) Done Uses

func (bs *BuildStatus) Done() <-chan struct{}

func (*BuildStatus) Err Uses

func (bs *BuildStatus) Err() error

func (*BuildStatus) Notify Uses

func (bs *BuildStatus) Notify(err error)

type Instance Uses

type Instance interface {
    Start(peerConnection *ccintf.PeerConnection) error
    Stop() error
    Wait() (int, error)

Instance represents a built chaincode instance, because of the docker legacy, calling this a built 'container' would be very misleading, and going forward with the external launcher 'image' also seemed inappropriate. So, the vague 'Instance' is used here.

type PackageProvider Uses

type PackageProvider interface {
    GetChaincodePackage(packageID string) (*persistence.ChaincodePackageMetadata, io.ReadCloser, error)

PackageProvider gets chaincode packages from the filesystem.

type Router Uses

type Router struct {
    ExternalVM VM
    DockerVM   VM

    PackageProvider PackageProvider
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Router) Build Uses

func (r *Router) Build(ccid string) error

func (*Router) Start Uses

func (r *Router) Start(ccid string, peerConnection *ccintf.PeerConnection) error

func (*Router) Stop Uses

func (r *Router) Stop(ccid string) error

func (*Router) Wait Uses

func (r *Router) Wait(ccid string) (int, error)

type UninitializedInstance Uses

type UninitializedInstance struct{}

func (UninitializedInstance) Start Uses

func (UninitializedInstance) Start(peerConnection *ccintf.PeerConnection) error

func (UninitializedInstance) Stop Uses

func (UninitializedInstance) Stop() error

func (UninitializedInstance) Wait Uses

func (UninitializedInstance) Wait() (int, error)

type VM Uses

type VM interface {
    Build(ccid string, metadata *persistence.ChaincodePackageMetadata, codePackageStream io.Reader) (Instance, error)

VM is an abstract virtual image for supporting arbitrary virual machines


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