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package discovery

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/discovery"


Package Files

api.go authcache.go service.go

func NewService Uses

func NewService(config Config, sup Support) *service

NewService creates a new discovery service instance

type AccessControlSupport Uses

type AccessControlSupport interface {
    // Eligible returns whether the given peer is eligible for receiving
    // service from the discovery service for a given channel
    EligibleForService(channel string, data protoutil.SignedData) error

AccessControlSupport checks if clients are eligible of being serviced

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    TLS                          bool
    AuthCacheEnabled             bool
    AuthCacheMaxSize             int
    AuthCachePurgeRetentionRatio float64

Config defines the configuration of the discovery service

func (Config) String Uses

func (c Config) String() string

String returns a string representation of this Config

type ConfigSequenceSupport Uses

type ConfigSequenceSupport interface {
    // ConfigSequence returns the configuration sequence of the a given channel
    ConfigSequence(channel string) uint64

ConfigSequenceSupport returns the config sequence of the given channel

type ConfigSupport Uses

type ConfigSupport interface {
    // Config returns the channel's configuration
    Config(channel string) (*discprotos.ConfigResult, error)

ConfigSupport provides access to channel configuration

type EndorsementSupport Uses

type EndorsementSupport interface {
    // PeersForEndorsement returns an EndorsementDescriptor for a given set of peers, channel, and chaincode
    PeersForEndorsement(channel common.ChannelID, interest *discprotos.ChaincodeInterest) (*discprotos.EndorsementDescriptor, error)

    // PeersAuthorizedByCriteria returns the peers of the channel that are authorized by the given chaincode interest
    // That is - taking in account if the chaincode(s) in the interest are installed on the peers, and also
    // taking in account whether the peers are part of the collections of the chaincodes.
    // If a nil interest, or an empty interest is passed - no filtering is done.
    PeersAuthorizedByCriteria(chainID common.ChannelID, interest *discprotos.ChaincodeInterest) (discovery.Members, error)

EndorsementSupport provides knowledge of endorsement policy selection for chaincodes

type GossipSupport Uses

type GossipSupport interface {
    // ChannelExists returns whether a given channel exists or not
    ChannelExists(channel string) bool

    // PeersOfChannel returns the NetworkMembers considered alive
    // and also subscribed to the channel given
    PeersOfChannel(common.ChannelID) discovery.Members

    // Peers returns the NetworkMembers considered alive
    Peers() discovery.Members

    // IdentityInfo returns identity information about peers
    IdentityInfo() api.PeerIdentitySet

GossipSupport aggregates abilities that the gossip module provides to the discovery service, such as knowing information about peers

type Support Uses

type Support interface {

Support defines an interface that allows the discovery service to obtain information that other peer components have


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