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package common

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/gossip/common"


Package Files

cert.go common.go

type ChainID Uses

type ChainID []byte

ChainID defines the identity representation of a chain

type InvalidationResult Uses

type InvalidationResult int

InvalidationResult determines how a message affects another message when it is put into gossip message store

const (
    // MessageNoAction means messages have no relation
    MessageNoAction InvalidationResult = iota
    // MessageInvalidates means message invalidates the other message
    // MessageInvalidated means message is invalidated by the other message

type MessageAcceptor Uses

type MessageAcceptor func(interface{}) bool

MessageAcceptor is a predicate that is used to determine in which messages the subscriber that created the instance of the MessageAcceptor is interested in.

type MessageReplacingPolicy Uses

type MessageReplacingPolicy func(this interface{}, that interface{}) InvalidationResult

MessageReplacingPolicy Returns: MESSAGE_INVALIDATES if this message invalidates that MESSAGE_INVALIDATED if this message is invalidated by that MESSAGE_NO_ACTION otherwise

type PKIidType Uses

type PKIidType []byte

PKIidType defines the type that holds the PKI-id which is the security identifier of a peer

func (PKIidType) IsNotSameFilter Uses

func (id PKIidType) IsNotSameFilter(that PKIidType) bool

IsNotSameFilter generate filter function which provides a predicate to identify whenever current id equals to another one.

func (PKIidType) String Uses

func (p PKIidType) String() string

type Payload Uses

type Payload struct {
    ChainID ChainID // The channel's ID of the block
    Data    []byte  // The content of the message, possibly encrypted or signed
    Hash    string  // The message hash
    SeqNum  uint64  // The message sequence number

Payload defines an object that contains a ledger block

type TLSCertificates Uses

type TLSCertificates struct {
    TLSServerCert atomic.Value // *tls.Certificate server certificate of the peer
    TLSClientCert atomic.Value // *tls.Certificate client certificate of the peer

TLSCertificates aggregates server and client TLS certificates

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