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package mocks

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/gossip/state/mocks"


Package Files


type GossipMock Uses

type GossipMock struct {

func (*GossipMock) Accept Uses

func (g *GossipMock) Accept(acceptor common.MessageAcceptor, passThrough bool) (<-chan *proto.GossipMessage, <-chan proto.ReceivedMessage)

func (*GossipMock) Gossip Uses

func (g *GossipMock) Gossip(msg *proto.GossipMessage)

func (*GossipMock) IdentityInfo Uses

func (g *GossipMock) IdentityInfo() api.PeerIdentitySet

IdentityInfo returns information known peer identities

func (*GossipMock) JoinChan Uses

func (g *GossipMock) JoinChan(joinMsg api.JoinChannelMessage, chainID common.ChainID)

func (*GossipMock) LeaveChan Uses

func (g *GossipMock) LeaveChan(_ common.ChainID)

func (*GossipMock) PeerFilter Uses

func (*GossipMock) PeerFilter(channel common.ChainID, messagePredicate api.SubChannelSelectionCriteria) (filter.RoutingFilter, error)

func (*GossipMock) Peers Uses

func (g *GossipMock) Peers() []discovery.NetworkMember

func (*GossipMock) PeersOfChannel Uses

func (g *GossipMock) PeersOfChannel(chainID common.ChainID) []discovery.NetworkMember

func (*GossipMock) SelfChannelInfo Uses

func (g *GossipMock) SelfChannelInfo(common.ChainID) *proto.SignedGossipMessage

func (*GossipMock) SelfMembershipInfo Uses

func (g *GossipMock) SelfMembershipInfo() discovery.NetworkMember

func (*GossipMock) Send Uses

func (g *GossipMock) Send(msg *proto.GossipMessage, peers ...*comm.RemotePeer)

func (*GossipMock) SendByCriteria Uses

func (g *GossipMock) SendByCriteria(*proto.SignedGossipMessage, gossip.SendCriteria) error

func (*GossipMock) Stop Uses

func (g *GossipMock) Stop()

func (*GossipMock) SuspectPeers Uses

func (g *GossipMock) SuspectPeers(s api.PeerSuspector)

func (*GossipMock) UpdateChaincodes Uses

func (g *GossipMock) UpdateChaincodes(chaincode []*proto.Chaincode, chainID common.ChainID)

UpdateChaincodes updates the chaincodes the peer publishes to other peers in the channel

func (*GossipMock) UpdateLedgerHeight Uses

func (g *GossipMock) UpdateLedgerHeight(height uint64, chainID common.ChainID)

UpdateLedgerHeight updates the ledger height the peer publishes to other peers in the channel

func (*GossipMock) UpdateMetadata Uses

func (g *GossipMock) UpdateMetadata(metadata []byte)

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