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package strcase

import ""

Package strcase converts strings to various cases. See the conversion table below:

| Function                        | Result             |
| ToSnake(s)                      | any_kind_of_string |
| ToScreamingSnake(s)             | ANY_KIND_OF_STRING |
| ToKebab(s)                      | any-kind-of-string |
| ToScreamingKebab(s)             | ANY-KIND-OF-STRING |
| ToDelimited(s, '.')             | any.kind.of.string |
| ToScreamingDelimited(s, '.')    | ANY.KIND.OF.STRING |
| ToCamel(s)                      | AnyKindOfString    |
| ToLowerCamel(s)                 | anyKindOfString    |


Package Files

acronyms.go camel.go doc.go numbers.go snake.go

func ToCamel Uses

func ToCamel(s string) string

ToCamel converts a string to CamelCase

func ToDelimited Uses

func ToDelimited(s string, delimiter uint8) string

ToDelimited converts a string to (in this case `delimiter = '.'`)

func ToKebab Uses

func ToKebab(s string) string

ToKebab converts a string to kebab-case

func ToLowerCamel Uses

func ToLowerCamel(s string) string

ToLowerCamel converts a string to lowerCamelCase

func ToScreamingDelimited Uses

func ToScreamingDelimited(s string, delimiter uint8, ignore uint8, screaming bool) string

ToScreamingDelimited converts a string to SCREAMING.DELIMITED.SNAKE.CASE (in this case `delimiter = '.'; screaming = true`) or (in this case `delimiter = '.'; screaming = false`)

func ToScreamingKebab Uses

func ToScreamingKebab(s string) string

ToScreamingKebab converts a string to SCREAMING-KEBAB-CASE

func ToScreamingSnake Uses

func ToScreamingSnake(s string) string

ToScreamingSnake converts a string to SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE

func ToSnake Uses

func ToSnake(s string) string

ToSnake converts a string to snake_case

func ToSnakeWithIgnore Uses

func ToSnakeWithIgnore(s string, ignore uint8) string

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