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package bc

import ""


Package Files

bc.go bcblock.go bcinfo.go


var BCCmd = &cobra.Command{
    Use:   "bc",
    Short: "Deal with block chain of IoTeX blockchain",

BCCmd represents the bc(block chain) command

func GetBlockMetaByHash Uses

func GetBlockMetaByHash(hash string) (*iotextypes.BlockMeta, error)

GetBlockMetaByHash gets block metadata by hash

func GetBlockMetaByHeight Uses

func GetBlockMetaByHeight(height uint64) (*iotextypes.BlockMeta, error)

GetBlockMetaByHeight gets block metadata by height

func GetChainMeta Uses

func GetChainMeta() (*iotextypes.ChainMeta, error)

GetChainMeta gets block chain metadata

func GetEpochMeta Uses

func GetEpochMeta(epochNum uint64) (*iotexapi.GetEpochMetaResponse, error)

GetEpochMeta gets blockchain epoch meta

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