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package tests

import ""


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api.go block.go dag.go dht.go key.go name.go object.go path.go pin.go pubsub.go unixfs.go

func TestApi Uses

func TestApi(p Provider) func(t *testing.T)

type Provider Uses

type Provider interface {
    // Make creates n nodes. fullIdentity set to false can be ignored
    MakeAPISwarm(ctx context.Context, fullIdentity bool, n int) ([]coreiface.CoreAPI, error)

type TestSuite Uses

type TestSuite struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*TestSuite) MakeAPISwarm Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) MakeAPISwarm(ctx context.Context, fullIdentity bool, n int) ([]coreiface.CoreAPI, error)

func (*TestSuite) TestAdd Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestAdd(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestAddCloses Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestAddCloses(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestAddHashOnly Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestAddHashOnly(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestAddPinned Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestAddPinned(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBasicPubSub Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBasicPubSub(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBasicPublishResolveKey Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBasicPublishResolveKey(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBasicPublishResolveTimeout Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBasicPublishResolveTimeout(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBatch Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBatch(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBlock Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBlock(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBlockGet Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBlockGet(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBlockPin Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBlockPin(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBlockPut Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBlockPut(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBlockPutFormat Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBlockPutFormat(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBlockPutHash Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBlockPutHash(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBlockRm Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBlockRm(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestBlockStat Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestBlockStat(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestDag Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestDag(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestDagPath Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestDagPath(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestDht Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestDht(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestDhtFindPeer Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestDhtFindPeer(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestDhtFindProviders Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestDhtFindProviders(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestDhtProvide Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestDhtProvide(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestDiffTest Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestDiffTest(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestEmptyPathRemainder Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestEmptyPathRemainder(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestEntriesExpired Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestEntriesExpired(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestGenerate Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestGenerate(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestGenerateExisting Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestGenerateExisting(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestGenerateSize Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestGenerateSize(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestGenerateType Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestGenerateType(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestGetDir Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestGetDir(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestGetEmptyFile Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestGetEmptyFile(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestGetNonUnixfs Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestGetNonUnixfs(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestGetReadAt Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestGetReadAt(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestGetSeek Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestGetSeek(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestInvalidPathRemainder Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestInvalidPathRemainder(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestKey Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestKey(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestList Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestList(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestListSelf Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestListSelf(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestLs Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestLs(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestLsEmptyDir Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestLsEmptyDir(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestLsNonUnixfs Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestLsNonUnixfs(t *testing.T)

TODO(lgierth) this should test properly, with len(links) > 0

func (*TestSuite) TestMutablePath Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestMutablePath(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestName Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestName(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestNew Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestNew(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestObject Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestObject(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestObjectAddData Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestObjectAddData(t *testing.T)
func (tp *TestSuite) TestObjectAddLink(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestObjectAddLinkCreate Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestObjectAddLinkCreate(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestObjectData Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestObjectData(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestObjectGet Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestObjectGet(t *testing.T)
func (tp *TestSuite) TestObjectLinks(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestObjectPut Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestObjectPut(t *testing.T)
func (tp *TestSuite) TestObjectRmLink(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestObjectSetData Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestObjectSetData(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestObjectStat Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestObjectStat(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPath Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPath(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPathJoin Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPathJoin(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPathRemainder Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPathRemainder(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPathRoot Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPathRoot(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPin Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPin(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPinAdd Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPinAdd(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPinIsPinned Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPinIsPinned(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPinLsIndirect Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPinLsIndirect(t *testing.T)

TestPinLsIndirect verifies that indirect nodes are listed by pin ls even if a parent node is directly pinned

func (*TestSuite) TestPinLsPrecedence Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPinLsPrecedence(t *testing.T)

TestPinLsPrecedence verifies the precedence of pins (recursive > direct > indirect)

func (*TestSuite) TestPinLsPrecedenceDirectIndirect Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPinLsPrecedenceDirectIndirect(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPinLsPrecedenceRecursiveDirect Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPinLsPrecedenceRecursiveDirect(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPinLsPredenceRecursiveIndirect Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPinLsPredenceRecursiveIndirect(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPinRecursive Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPinRecursive(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPinSimple Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPinSimple(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPubSub Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPubSub(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPublishResolve Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPublishResolve(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPut Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPut(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestPutWithHash Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestPutWithHash(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestRemove Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestRemove(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestRemoveSelf Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestRemoveSelf(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestRename Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestRename(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestRenameOverwrite Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestRenameOverwrite(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestRenameOverwriteNoForce Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestRenameOverwriteNoForce(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestRenameSameName Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestRenameSameName(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestRenameSameNameNoForce Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestRenameSameNameNoForce(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestRenameSelf Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestRenameSelf(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestRenameToSelf Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestRenameToSelf(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestRenameToSelfForce Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestRenameToSelfForce(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestTree Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestTree(t *testing.T)

func (*TestSuite) TestUnixfs Uses

func (tp *TestSuite) TestUnixfs(t *testing.T)

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