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package matcher

import ""


Package Files

arg.go context.go matchers.go option.go options.go optsEnd.go shortcut.go strings.go

func IsShortcut Uses

func IsShortcut(matcher Matcher) bool

IsShortcut is a helper to determine whether a given matcher is a Shortcut (always matches)

type Matcher Uses

type Matcher interface {
    /* Match examines the provided args and:
    - likes it, fills the parse context and returns true and the remaining args it didn't consume
    - doesn't like it, returns false and  the remaining args it didn't consume
    Match(args []string, c *ParseContext) (bool, []string)
    // Priority used to sort matchers. the lower the returned number, the higher the priority of the matcher
    Priority() int

Matcher is used to parse and consume the args and populate the ParseContext

func NewArg Uses

func NewArg(a *container.Container) Matcher

NewArg creates an (positional) argument matcher

func NewOpt Uses

func NewOpt(o *container.Container, index map[string]*container.Container) Matcher

NewOpt create an option matcher that can consume short and long options

func NewOptions Uses

func NewOptions(opts []*container.Container, index map[string]*container.Container) Matcher

NewOptions create an Options matcher which can parse a group of options

func NewOptsEnd Uses

func NewOptsEnd() Matcher

NewOptsEnd returns the special matcher that matches the -- operator

func NewShortcut Uses

func NewShortcut() Matcher

NewShortcut create a special matcher that always matches and doesn't consume any input

type ParseContext Uses

type ParseContext struct {
    Args          map[*container.Container][]string
    Opts          map[*container.Container][]string
    ExcludedOpts  map[*container.Container]struct{}
    RejectOptions bool

ParseContext holds the state of the arguments parsing, i.e. the encountered options and arguments values, etc.

func NewParseContext Uses

func NewParseContext() ParseContext

NewParseContext create a new ParseContext

func (ParseContext) Merge Uses

func (pc ParseContext) Merge(o ParseContext)

Merge adds the values in the provided context in the current context



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